The Division: Ubisoft unveils a new trailer

Let’s assume that you are already aware regarding the release of the anticipated game, The Division. It’s set out to be launched in 2015 on platforms like PC, Xbox One and PS4. Fans should be delighted to know that UbiBlog revealed an E3 2014 interview with the game director, Ryan Barnard.

According to Ryan, the game will be a freedom based RPG, where you will be introduced to make your own choices right off the bat after you understand how the game actually works. In the meantime of the ongoing process you will be able to generate a unique playstyle with your own set of skills, weapons, etc. The footage also throws some light into the storyline of ‘The Division’. From the beginning you will be shown the effect of the so called virus that leaves the United States completely fragile with the rapid spread of a dangerous disease. The story is set in New York. You are an agent, a part of  the group called,” Strategic Homeland Division”, that is a task force assigned under the emergency protocol, Directive 51, by the President of the United States.

Ryan also says something about a group named, “The Cleaners”, how dangerous they are and the threat posed by them to the society. “The Cleaners are kind of a roaming group consisting of very dangerous gentlemen. They are attracted to areas of high contingent virus and they are an extremely agressive team. They eliminate anyone including innocent civillians who could potentially be sick or actually sick by burning them. They are also very dangerous in the game, so you are not gonna take them on by yourself”, as informed by Ryan to the UbiBlog. You should watch the video below to discover what kind of drama exists in the universe of “The Division”.

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