Desmond back in AC Unity?!!!

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

-“She is not who you think she is. Everything you hope to become, everything you hold dear…’s already gone!”

-“Explain. Please..”

-“Eden. She…in Eden. Find Eve. The key. Her DNA…”

Perhaps, it will take time for you to discover who had this conversation. Most of you might have guessed that the people involved in the above conversation are perhaps Subject 16 and Desmond. To be honest,that is a correct guess. But the question is, when did this conversation take place? If you look back and focus, you will actually realise that this happened in the end of AC Brotherhood, when Desmond solved some of the glyphs left by Subject 16. Those who solved all the glyphs in ACB must have seen a truth video. Truth video in ACB? If you do not have any idea then you should watch this:-

We will discuss about this later in the article. Right now we should shift our main focus to Desmond. After going through the heading of this article, you might be thinking-“How the hell is Desmond gonna return in AC Unity?”. Well, this is an obvious question. To answer this question, let’s focus on the term-‘glyphs‘.


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Glyphs in Assassin’s Creed II

If you think deeply, you will realise that only Subject 16 and Desmond were the one’s who knew the meaning of those glyphs. In AC Revelations, Subject 16 sacrificed his consciousness to save Desmond. So, Desmond is the only one who has the knowledge about glyphs. In AC4, nothing was revealed regarding these cryptic puzzles but Ubisoft has confirmed that the glyphs will be returning in AC Unity. But who will decipher them? No one can even make a tangible guess regarding what those cryptic puzzles mean. The one and only Desmond knows the truth. So, I hope that you are thinking the same conclusion that I have deduced- “Desmond will RETURN in AC Unity.”

That might have given you goosebumps. But how come Desmond will return as he is dead already? Well, is he? Is Desmond really dead? If you will watch this video then you will find something shocking:-

You need to watch the videos carefully to understand the assumptions. But I hope by now you are clear that Desmond might be alive. Even if Desmond’s body is dead…..his mind survived which is stored in the cloud. There are also several theories explaining Desmond’s mind actually got transferred to The Eye. So, what have the glyphs got to do in AC Unity? Rewind your mind back to the first video that was mentioned in this article. Remember Subject 16 saying,”She is not who you think she is. Everything you hope for is already gone!”. So who is this ‘she’ that Subject 16 has mentioned? If you think you will realize that ‘She’ is none other than Juno. Now focus on the next statement made by Subject 16- “”Eden. She…in Eden. Find Eve. The key. Her DNA…”. Why did he say this? Why Eve? What is the key? Why her DNA?


To answer the above questions, connect this statement with the first one that says Juno is not reliable….she has some secrets. What sort of secrets? Obviously, those secrets that reveal the true identity of Juno and her schemes. And Eve’s DNA might consist of something related to Juno and by gaining that knowledge perhaps the latter’s schemes can be put to an end. Only Desmond knows about this message and perhaps he will communicate with the next modern player character in AC Unity to reveal the secrets about Juno. There are just assumptions and may vary. So, hope you agree with these theories and do not forget to cast your votes below:-

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