Valentines paradise turns into bloodrain in one night. Eight lovebirds in a cabin in the woods and a bloodcrazy serial killer- who is gonna make it to the dawn. With fear engraving their senses, dead surrounding their paths, the hunter closing by can they fight the night? Will they be the prey or make their hunter hunted? To know more of their fate watch the trailer yourself of the upcoming game Until Dawn.

The story takes place when the pack of teenagers came to a cabin on the snowy mountain to mourn their friend’s death and they are not welcome. A deadly serial killer is waiting for them haunting them to death. All the 8 characters are playable and every decisions you make will define your fate what happens in that night. Can you survive the night?

The PlayStation4 Exclusive horror survival title releases on Q2 2015 adding another epic adventure of horror games era. Developer Supermassive Games has done a great job with the trailer but can it make it up to the mark? Stay tuned for more updates!until-dawn.jpg2

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