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Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

The Dark Below will be Destiny’s first downloadable expansion pack and is stated to release on December 9th, on all supported platforms, according to Activison’s official blog.

The expansion pack will have all-new weapons, gear, new multiplayer arenas, strikes, yadda yadda yadda AND three new story missions!!! Yup, finally something for the lone wolves who love the single player story missions, like me.

The Dark below will feature a new character, Eris who will arrive with a quite obvious message; the world is in danger and you need to haul ass to save it. Cheesy, but exciting nonetheless.

Apart from these, the expansion will also include three new multiplayer maps, raise the light level to 32 and increase the number of bounty slots by five. The complete details about the maps, the story quests and other details are given on Activision’s official blog, you can check it out here.

The expansion will be a part of Destiny’s season pass or can be bought separately as it will be available fo 20 dollars. That’s a high price if you ask me but it is only costly if it is not good, so let us wait and hope for the best.

I personally was this close to getting Destiny but then I read a review which started off with the line “Bungie forgot to put the story in Destiny.” I was heart broken. I belong to the minority of the gaming community that is obsessed with single player and almost resents the multiplayer aspect. We are very few. And obviously it was a hit under the belt to know that the most anticipated game of the year had failed to deliver a satisfactory narrative experience. But now, with Bungie trying to gain back lost ground by trying to add more story quests, I might just be a little bit tempted to go back and dish out the cash for this game. I will not be getting my hopes up though.

Let us know your opinions on Destiny and whether or not you will be getting the The Dark Below expansion pack in the comments below and do NOT forget to vote. Happy gaming folks!!!

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