Cymera’s Season 2 REVIEW:

Last updated on August 18th, 2017


The so-called “Whole New Cymera “was launched yesterday .However I took sometime for writing complete review for it.

What I felt and what else the Google play audience felt was probably the same.

According to Cymera it tells that the new version is a whole new Cymera which I strongly disagree.

Actual New Features are:

  1. New Look.
  2. Cool collection of new collage designs.
  3. Face POP-OUT.


To let you all know whether to download it or not I have laid some important points of comparison between the old cymera and the Whole New cymera:

First of all, the major problem maximum users felt was the ease to share a photo to other apps .
The option of sharing a photo to other apps is a bit complex, you have to ofcourse Sign Up via this app to do this, but in the older version it was very easy to share photos to other Apps.

Secondly, the option of creating your own social album is a cool feature which it has implemented by making the sharing of photos to other apps difficult. You can assume that it has sacrificed the ease of the old version to implement new features.

Finally the whole new icons and working: it works with no lag on my Galaxy S duos , then the icons of editing or sharing looks dull than the previous version icons . However the logo looks awesome & the galleries interface is better .



Overall it’s the same as before but with little bit features update , It can be called a major update but it doesn’t impress the given name to it as “Cymera’s Season 2”.


Obviously the app deserves a FIVE STARS .

But according to it’s promotions and statements of promotion it doesn’t come out to be more elegant , I am no one to decide but the old users came across a great many problems including me. And this new version doesn’t impress me at all as it’s just little bit new comparing to the old one .


So I give this app 3 and a half star




But those who are new users must download it as for them it’s a five star app :



Download it at : CYMERA NEW SEASON


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