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Last updated on October 1st, 2014

After seeing the title, you must be definitely surprised. Well, that’s true and several sources claim that Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 9 by spring of 2015 and along with that people can witness the power of Cortana on their PC’s too. That sounds awesome!


An assistant that you can use in your phone as well as your PC…what else can one expect for? This will make Cortana the first digital assistant ever to be included in phones along with computers. She impressed us from the beginning when Microsoft revealed her officially and then she just dominated the battle of smartphone assistants by securing the topmost position. How cool that will be, when I order a pizza using Cortana on my desktop. The removal of the charms bar shocked us but the addition of Cortana on Threshold, the codename of Windows 9, makes up for it. A desktop assistant on a PC sounds like a revolution, as we spend most of our time on desktops for official work, watching movies and gaming. Imagine a situation where you won’t even need to use your fingers to launch apps and other necessary operations on your desktop. That will make Windows 9 very innovative and exciting to use.

Microsoft has confirmed to unveil Windows 9 on September 30. Till then stay in touch with us to get more updates related to ‘Threshold’.

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