Cortana on Android and iOS??? Has Microsoft made the correct move?

What?? With the upcoming launch of Windows 10 this year, Microsoft is also planning to port Cortana into other operating systems like Android and iOS?? That does sound crazy as well as amusing. However, the company did not make any official statement about this matter. This is a rumor speculating among various sources.

We know that Android and iOS devices already have their own version of digital assistants: Siri and Google Now. Siri, is considered revolutionary, while Google Now is called as the Knowledge Base Assistant. But Cortana, exclusive for Windows Phones, is the most interactive and friendly assistant ever.


Well, to be frank, this move can be both good as well as risky. Most of the iOS and Android users, do not like Windows as well as Microsoft. They claim to be very happy and comfortable with the services provided to them by Siri and GoogleNow, respectively. However, still there are many people who repent for not having Cortana on their iOS and Android devices.


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Not only this but also Microsoft has already released some of its services and applications for Android and iOS users. If you connect the dots, you will find that the company is trying to slowly make its way to Android and iOS market. In other words, Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) has plans to dominate both the smartphone application as well as hardware market.

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