Last updated on August 12th, 2017

Hello readers, in this article we will tell you about four good websites through which you can send Self-Destructive messages over the Internet. If you are lost, then I should include that the message which destroys itself after a certain period or action is known as a “self-destructive” message.

Now, why would you need these websites? There are times when you would need these. Do you visualize anyone throwing a paper or shredding it for getting rid of it? But, there’s always a possibility that someone gets the paper (even completely shredded) and finds out about the information. That’s it and you’re done!

So, these websites help us transmit a message which no one can access except the target receiver (with an expiry time). Are you ready to try some of the coolest sites which take your privacy seriously?

Let’s check out the 4 sites picked out by us through which you can make messages which destroys itself.

#4 Privnote


This is one of the best web-based services to send notes/message which destroys when read. This website provides a link to the note after you create it. And, you’ll have to copy it down and send over the link to whom you want it to read.


Once the reader sees the message, it automatically gets destroyed. So, the reader should copy the information he/she read, because when you reload the page, the message doesn’t exist anymore.

Also, Privnote notifies you when the message is read, provided that you have enabled the checkbox. You’ll have to provide the email ID and a custom note reference to get the notification right into your inbox.

#3 Destructing Message

destructing message

It’s the same as the previous service, but this comes with a timer option and an option to generate an email to the target reader. You can set the time when the message should self-destruct unless the link gets reloaded. The interface is quite simple being the oldest website in this list.

#2 Burn Note

burn note

This is a modernized tool for users. Burn Note offers an app (free) for Android and iOS users. It’s your choice whether you use it directly on site or through an app. However, the app is not properly optimized in our opinion. You can definitely try it because, through it, you can have handy self-destructive conversations which have no existence.

burn note

It’s somewhat different from other services. You need to Sign up before you can use the service. The same way as Privnote, this service provides you with a link which contains the encrypted messages. When viewed, it self-destructs. Moreover, in this service you can directly mail him/her the link which contains the message or if he/she is a member on Burn Note (and you know his/her username), you can send it to the desired user.

#1 This Message Will Self Destruct

self destruct

The website’s name itself says it all. But, it’s better than all of the other services by providing some necessary features. It does the same job as the above services do, and without signing up. But, for an extra treat, it allows a user to create multiple URLs for a same message, which saves your time to create notes repeatedly even if the message transmitted is the same.

self destruct
It also offers to send the message via email to the desired reader. And, interestingly, it has got another major advantage. It allows the sender to password protect the message to make sure that the confidential information is highly secured along with the encrypted link.

self destruct

Have fun! Hope that helps!

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