7 Cool Things You Should Know Before Playing Far Cry Primal

Last updated on June 1st, 2016

With Far Cry Primal release only a few weeks away, you must be trembling with excitement to experience something new and fresh in the Far Cry series. The game being set in the pre-historic time is something marvelous, as the whole mankind will get to experience how our great…great… ancestors used to survive in a world devoid of scientific as well as technological advancements…in short…our world during the Stone Age! But there are a few things that you should know before going back to 10,000 B.C. For that we’ve piled up a list of interesting things for you.

1. World Density


The world of Far Cry Primal is something remarkable and has been synced accordingly with the pre-historic era, where man is at the bottom of the food-chain. The designers have put together a considerable amount of effort for carving out a dense atmosphere, thus comprising of thick woods divided by streamlined water bodies and mountains. The game is set in the land of ‘Oros’, which was a glacier that eventually transformed into a beautiful valley at the zenith of the ice age. This beautiful-fertile valley has been divided into three regions namely, Northern Tundra, Central Valley and Southern Marshlands. Indeed you would be mesmerized by the beauty of the respective landscape of each region along with the variety of wildlife sounds, as you venture deep into the forests. Nevertheless, your health-bar may decrease, as you travel through the icy-mountain ranges of the northern region. Hence, you would need regular camp-fires for your survival.

Camp Fire
Note: Fire is an essential tool that you need to rely on in Far Cry Primal

2. Tribes


Far Cry Primal features a rich diversified culture and thus, the barbaric pre-historic populace in Primal has been divided into three major tribes: Wenja, Izila and Udam, speaking languages of same name respectively. Each tribe has it’s unique set of traits and specialties that differentiates their group from the rest.

A Udam watch-guard

The Udam tribe resides in the northern part of Oros, which mainly consists of vast mountain ranges. Hence, they are isolated from the rest of the world and are the least advanced race in the Primal universe. But the Udams are highly violent who constantly keep on attacking the Wenja and Izila tribes for resources and territory. They are also known as ‘Man-Eaters’ as they prefer to feed on human flesh, because they believe that human blood is responsible for imparting fellow beings with immense amount of strength and power. That sounds crazy….so you need to better avoid them!

Izila tormenting Wenja
Izila tormenting Wenja

Located in the ‘Southern Marhslands’, the people of Izila mainly believe in worshipping various deities blindly and hence, most of the times use ‘human-prisoners’ as candidates for ‘sacrifice-rituals’. Considered as the most advanced race in the land of Oros, they specialize in developing fire based weapons. So, in simple words, if you go for a stroll into their territory then you can definitely hope for a swarm of fire-arrows and primitive fire grenades, put in use to drive you away from their ‘land’. You can easily distinguish them from other tribes by their blue-body paint. The Izilians are both enemies to Wenja as well as Udam.

Wenja: The protagonist tribe

Wenja, the protagonist tribe in the story of Primal, mainly resides in the central part of Oros and is by far the most peaceful and friendly amongst the other tribes. They believe in aminism and hence, specialize in hunting and beast mastery, all thanks to a central figure (player’s character) known as the ‘Beast Master’.

Every tribe has it’s own culture as well as unique story to tell. This shows us how diversified the Primal universe is, set in the roots of the human civilization, and hence, one would be definitely hooked into exploring more and more about it to uncover various mysteries and facts related to this fictional history of mankind.

3. Hunting


In Far Cry Primal, hunting plays a key role for your survival both for munching delicious food as well as crafting weapons and armor. We’ve already been to hunting in several games but Far Cry Primal offers something far more realistic and unique. Imagine yourself as Bear Grills, from Man vs Wild, on a quest to hunt a pre-historic wild animal! What would you do? What would you require? You would actually need a lot of patience, skills and resources for this entire quest. But while you would be on your exciting adventure, you may experience hunger, starvation, thirst as well as danger. Be happy as Far Cry Primal’s hunting mechanism offers you all of these realistic elements and aspects.

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While hunting in the game, you would repeatedly need chunks of meat to refill your energy as well as health bar. You can further collect a variety of plants which can be combined with animal meat for creating delicious recipes. These recipes can be used as ability as well as health boosts.

4. Weaponry


So, you thought the ‘Stone-Age’ has no interesting weaponry to offer…eh? Just rocks and pebbles? If that’s your judgment then I think you would need a proper explanation to give if you see enraged Wenja’s hunting you down with dual-headed arrows or fire-clubs! Better see for yourself what the game has in store for you:

Crafting, which plays a vital role in the game, can be used to customize and create a variety of spears, clubs, bows, etc. that will be added to your arsenal. You can set specific weapons in the fire-mode to create more havoc!

5. Beast Taming


Beast Taming could prove as your primary tool for survival as well as conquests in the game. Unlike Shadow of Mordor, which also had beast-taming in store, Far Cry’s primal beast-taming mechanism is unique in it’s own way. You would have to unlock and upgrade your beast-mastery skills to have different types of ravaging wild-animals on your side. It’s not as easy as you think it might be, as it requires a significant amount of patience and risk to calm down a wild-animal.

While capturing enemy outposts, let’s say for instance, you signal your jaguar to infiltrate. It will rather take a stealthy approach and help you take down a few targets. While the bear, will be only preferable for powerful direct assaults on enemy camps to take down a swarm of enemies. So, it’s entirely upto you to choose which buddy to help you on your mission.

Far Cry Primal
Far Cry Primal

Worried about transportation in Far Cry Primal? You don’t have to as your fellow animals can be used for a ride to anywhere in Oros. I am highly excited to ride the Mammoth!

6. Primal Drone


It’s just a fancy name I’ve specifically added to call my buddy-owl in the game, for the range of functionalities it offers. Yes, it almost acts like a drone because you can use it for aerial surveillance to both mark as well as takedown targets by launching aerial attacks or dropping bee-bombs. Booyaka Baby! Your enemies won’t be able to predict or see what’s coming for them…

7. Village_Xpansion

Wenja village

Your most important priority in the game would be to expand your tribe, conquer and unite the people of Oros. Expanding your very own village plays a key-role to mark your progress and you would need continued support from your fellow tribesman for conquering enemy territories.

Jayma The Hunter, will teach you various hunting techniques
Jayma The Hunter, will teach you various hunting techniques

Throughout the game, most of the side quests and activities will reward you with people to settle in your tribe. There would be some challenging quests too, which you can complete to recruit specialists, like Jayma the Hunter, who can help you to train and unlock various skills. You would need a vast amount of resources for creating shelters for your people though.

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Far Cry Primal will be out for PS4 and Xbox One by 23rd February, while the PC version will be released on 1st March. Stay tuned for more Primal updates! Till then enjoy gaming!

2 thoughts on “7 Cool Things You Should Know Before Playing Far Cry Primal”

  1. David Smeddit

    I was wondering if anyone reading this could answer a question. I’ve noticed that very close to the beginning and near the very end of this game, an overweight shaman jumps out in front of me and yells “Tiddly bop canarsie tell me a story mum!”, and blocks my progress. That’s what it sounds like he’s saying. Resetting the game sometimes works but he sometimes appears at the most ridiculous moments, like when I’m fighting a very large beast. First, is there a way around this guy, and two, what is he trying to say?

  2. hamid babakabak

    this is the first mention of this strange character ive found anywhere. i have also run into this large native and it seems that there is no way around him. i hear that ubisoft put this character in the gave as a sort of joke easter egg and some of the games sold in north america unfortunately were never corrected. from what i understand the words he is yelling can be translated as followed.

    tiddly bop = you are now

    canarsie = in brooklyn

    tell me = tell me

    a story mom = where the jews live

    i hope this helps explain things and still have no idea how to get around him.

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