Collegedunia : Great Improvements To An Indian Origin College Directory

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Well, you must have read about the best new emerging online portal for finding colleges
Collegedunia” recently in our website. Now it has reached heights and gloriously raised a huge amount in angel funding.

According to the report on Vccircle , Collegedunia raised 1 Crore (Rupees) in angel funding from MIH-acquired automobile site and also along with a crowd of undisclosed investors.

These funds will be utilized in enhancing the technology,operations and for marketing.
To some sources Sahil Chalana informed this, but Umang Kumar was not interested tp respond to  Vccircle’s message. The team of collegedunia expects a great amount of improvements by utilizing the available resources effectively.


And for an interesting thought collegedunia was founded in May 2014, collegedunia offers a wide in-depth records of colleges across the country. The record which it contains can be expanded from admission information to every other important information which helps a student to get virtual perspective of the college h is looking for. Collegedunia can be seen a as an emerging online portal for the students searching to select the best college to achieve success.

As we have seen many directories having information on different niches but being a educational directory portal makes collegedunia more informative. The CEO is determined to add 8000 more college data in their databases. Till now it strives hard to attract a minimum of 1 lakh visitors per month to their portal and aims to increase this figure to a million in the next six months. He considers 2015 will be lucky for them .

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