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Last updated on December 21st, 2015

Last Updated: 24th October 2015
Some Credits to: Mirek Goldberg (for reporting the errors in the article).

Cheetah Mobile Inc which is popularly known for its Clean Master app. Hopefully, I’ve got an opportunity to test the latest versions of the launcher (being a beta tester). It was last updated on October 23, 2015, with some improvements and added features. It’s time to review it for you, to help you decide a better launcher. However, this article is being updated after a very long time. So, CM Launcher has undergone a drastic change and healthy customization options which we would look into in the review.

Here’s a screenshot of the older version of CM Launcher:

cm launcher
CM Launcher (Old Version)

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Well, every Android user wants its launcher to consume less RAM, yet best in its look and functions. CM Launcher’s size varies according to different devices. In our review, we used Micromax Unite 2 ( Running on Android Lollipop ) to test this launcher.

We considered a situation where we have very less internal memory left for installing apps where a smartphone performs the worst in app performance due to lack of space to cache resources. At the moment, we had 120MB Internal memory free when we installed the CM Launcher. And, still we were able to install the app successfully.

Key Features

  • Small
  • Customizable
  • Supports App Hiding
  • Secure Launcher


This launcher is definitely fast (not the beta builds – not necessarily). We didn’t find the launcher in the running processes list. It means that the process gets cached when not using the launcher which is definitely good. So, it doesn’t drain your battery when you’re not using the launcher. That’s a plus!cm launcher

However, normally we expect that a launcher encounters lag while resuming its services. But, I have not yet encountered such issues with CM. Although, sometimes the beta builds make me unhappy! But, that’s the reason they are called “beta versions”.

Note: If you have an Android version running lower than Lollipop, then  you may observe a difference in performance. Let us know in the comments below about the problems you encountered using the launcher. I’ll get the message directly delivered to the developers.

Overall, the performance of this launcher is appreciable.

The User Interfacecm launcher

It has a really good UI (my stock icons makes it look a bit messy). The above image is a customized theme with my stock icons. For default, CM theme, check out the first image at the beginning of the article. In the June build, the homescreen lacked the “All Apps” or “App drawer” button in the dockbar. But, you can find it now by default as a tinted light purple color A-Z button.

CM Launcher supports customization option to make your own theme (dubbed DIY – Do It Yourself). You can go to the customization settings by clicking on the “Beautify” icon. A lot of themes to choose from. For instance, you can take a look at an Android M  theme which makes the device looks just great! (Although I don’t have a transparent status bar). Here’s a screenshot to it:

cm launcher


This launcher keeps you protected from other apps by scanning it just after the installation process. Thanks to CM Security!

Get the launcher now!


Although, we’ve not yet posted an app video (how it works) on the latest update. But still, you can check out the older version’s video review below.


  1. Indeed, its a great launcher. But, it’s good for screen less tha n 5.2 inch. It looks ugly, if scaled more..

  2. The only problem I have with this launcher is that once it was installed, random notification sounds go off. There are no open apps at the time and no icons pop up to be able to tell which app is sending out the notification. Any ideas?

  3. Too many advertisements.Why does it need access to call log,contacts and other personal stuff?
    Those permissions are not needed for functioning of the app.Since I installed the launcher, it is trying to access my call logs, contacts and messages.Why does it need connection to so many ip addressed, some of them is which is a website Hijacker.I don’t trust this launcher or anything related to it.

  4. I would never put anything by CM on my phone. Dig into the permissions look at what it accesses, put a tracer on your phone and see where some of the apps try to phone home to. Ridiculous ANY app store or respectable repository would even have it listed as a top app. POS.

  5. Sometimes this cm launcher interfere with permission to allow other apps to be launched properly apps that draw over other apps unless you fixed that bug this app still my have slight problems.

  6. I’ve been using the paid/pro version for a few weeks now, no ads!!! It’s fantastic and all launchers seem to require permissions that seek invasive, this is because in CM Launchers case, it has badge buttons, notification cleaner and much much more, it’s basically saved my Cubot x12!!! I just wish Cheetah mobile were as good at making phones, that is another story. Review this launcher again but try the paid version, it’s immense 🙂


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