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Last updated on November 15th, 2017

clean masterUpdate: The article has now been updated for the latest version available (i.e v6.0)

It’s no shock that you already utilize a lot of apps developed by Cheetah Mobiles – such as – CM Launcher, Clean Master for Android, CM Locker, and so on. But, what about an alternative to CCleaner? Yes, they have one developed already and fortunately we got our hands on the latest version of Clean Master for PC to review for you.

Let’s face it, not everyone uses junk cleaner apps / booster apps / privacy cleaner apps. However, it becomes a lot easier when we get the ability to clean the junk / privacy traces through a software tool in a few seconds. And, that’s the reason why junk cleaner and booster apps are still a thing.

In this article, we’ll get to know the complete details on how it works, what’s good about it and what’s bad.

Key Features

junk cleanerMost of the time, it is the list of features (in the software) available that helps you decide whether to give it a try or not.

So, let us take a look at what Clean Master for PC has to offer:

  • Junk Cleaning: You’ve always left behind a huge pile of junk on your system. If you try to manually clean everything, it would take a lot more time than you expected (unless you are an advanced user who knows where the junk resides). So, with Clean Master for PC, you can clean up all your junk files generated from the programs, registry, and left over residual files (probably after uninstallation of certain applications).
  • PC Boosting: It is an essential feature to all junk cleaning / tune up software utilies for PC. With one click, users can stop unnecessary startup programs, speed up boost time, and intelligently optimize system and network settings to prevent lagging to increase overall performance.
  • Privacy Protection: You can protect your privacy by keeping a check on sensitive browsing records that needs to be cleaned up or other data that might pose a threat to your privacy. In a nutshell, users can quickly eliminate six types of privacyrisks, lock out intruders, and remove risky browsing records with the anti-
    tracking feature.
  • File Recovery: Well, you wouldn’t need a separate application to recover your files when you can do that with Clean Master as well. An all-in-one tune up tool is always handy and healthy for your PC (reducing the redundant programs).
    Clean Master for PC supports all file formats, and the pro version can easily recover lost data if files are accidentally deleted, or the hard drive is wiped.
  • Driver Boosting: You wouldn’t need to purchase a Driver Booster pro, or something similar just to keep your drivers up to date in just one click, you can do that with Clean Master as well.
    However, it’s only limited to the premium version. The premium version of Clean Master for PC will scan, fix, and update more than five million devices and drivers in a single click.

The User Interface

The user interface is quite decent. It is clean and intuitive. The options listed are easy to use and wouldn’t take more than a few seconds to figure out how to use it. I must mention, my user experience was buttery smooth.

Does It Work?

Long story short – yes it does. Let’s dive in to talk about some details.

When you utilize the junk cleaning app, it seems to perfectly find the things you’ve missed removing. It lets you free up a lot of storage (I did clean almost 17 Gigs of Junk).

If you want to get rid of the cached data of programs you’ve been using which includes that of the browsers, you should simply clean all of the junk found. However, if you think that some programs might need the cached data, you should review the items listed to be cleaned up.

While junk cleaning is a good job this utility provides you with, the PC boosting might not be the best bet. It does detect the running services – which when killed – would give your PC a performance boost. But, it might be confusing to some. It lists out some services that shouldn’t be killed (or which would make 0 impact when killed). If the detection and listing improves, I’ll be completely fine with the PC boosting feature.

Privacy cleaner works good but not accurate either. In my case, it listed some PC hardware product URLs as highly sensitive (which certainly isn’t). Either way, if you are concerned about your privacy, you shouldn’t even keep anything saved on your browser – so to some extent it is still very useful.

File recovery and Driver booster worked without any hiccups. The only thing that grabbed my attention was when I tried to launch Driver booster and the app suddenly became unresponsive – it did recover quickly but I should mention this to you.

Final Verdict

It is a fantasic junk cleaner for Windows PCs. If you want more, you need to simply upgrade it to the pro version to make use of more tools included. You should note that if you have very important things to take care of in your PC, you should review the files/processes before cleaning the junk files and boosting the PC performance. If there’s nothing very important, you will have absolutely no problem using it. 

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