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Friday, August 18, 2017

Hello Readers! If you are an Android user then you must have used one of the apps developed by the Cheetah Mobiles, such as the CM Browser, CM Launcher, CM Security and, at last, the Clean Master.

But do you know much about Cheetah Mobiles ?? Well, you should know more about it as comes from a previously renowned company called “Kingsoft”.

What You Should Know About Cheetah Mobiles ??

Kingsoft Security and Conew Image fused into Kingsoft Internet Software in November 2010, and after that transformed its name into Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM). Cheetah Mobile acquired Kingsoft’s 15 years of security innovation collection and Conew’s Internet qualities. The mission of Cheetah Mobile is to make the Internet and versatile experience speedier, easier, and more secure for clients around the world.

Cheetah Mobile is currently the No.1 versatile application designer everywhere throughout the world and the No.2 Internet and portable security corporate in China. Before the end of September 2014, Cheetah Mobile Apps’ aggregate downloads have arrived at 860 million overall and portable Monthly Active Users have arrived at 340 million. 65% of the portable MAU are from outside of China. As indicated by App Annie June 2014 information, Cheetah Mobile positioned second just to Facebook on Google Play’s worldwide non-diversion Apps engineers’ positioning.

What Now ?? Aiming For PC Platform !!

After developing one of the best apps available on the Google Play Store, it tries it’s luck on the PC platform / windows platform. And we are going to review the Clean Master for PC, which is a software to clean junk files present in a computer system and utilize the unnecessarily consumed space.

The Review:

We find many cleaning and tuning apps, but this app can’t be categorized to the tune up software’s for computers. As its name suggests “Clean Master”, it is a useful software tool for cleaning up space or junk files. Before I start discussing more, let me tell you that, even if your Internet usage data left is just below 10 MB you can start downloading after reading the complete review. Yes ! It’s just 5.5 MB sized software.

Now when we talk about cleaning junk files, you may think that you can do it by the %temp%, prefetch and other actions similar to it which are available on the properties of a Hard Disk. You must be knowing about these things if you really took the time to optimize your PC from a slower speed to a faster speed.

Clean Master

But as we observed the efficiency, the Clean Master really stood out of the box in the Junk Cleaning categories of software’s. Every time we logged into the computer and used numerous applications, it cleaned up all the junk files / temporary files belonging to those application software’s.

It categorizes the Junks into 7 separate class. These categories are mentioned below:

1. Video & Audio Junk

2. Web Cache

3. Social Software Junk

4. Online Games Junk

5. Other Software’s Junk

6. System Cache

7. Registry Junk

In these categories, you can find most of the options useful and unique leaving behind the options #2 and #7, which are the common ones.

In the built-in junk cleaning tool that comes with the hard drive properties in Windows uses a different algorithm, but the Clean Master uses a more efficient algorithm to prove it’s worth being a free software.
While we cleaned the PC using the inbuilt tools we found that it works efficiently when we had not cleaned our PCs for an interval of time. But Clean Master detects Junks even after using the PC for some minutes. Let it be of a size less than 10MB, but it cleans it up.

Clean Master
Clean Master in action

The User Interface is simple and works fast, and it works well without any error. But missed a landing screen which would have made it complete.

Final Thoughts:

This software is a very good cleaning application. It has no hidden 3rd Party Adware policy which is obviously a great thing while opting for a free software. The software consumes very less RAM. According to what we tested, it consumed a maximum of 40 MB of RAM and a minimum of 23 MB of RAM in running and idle conditions respectively. Let’s look at our ratings.

Click on the button below to start your download.

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RAM Consumption
Working & Efficiency
User Interface
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