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-“A new beginning for mankind”

This is the theme of the upcoming installment Civilization: Beyond Earth. The story, a direct sequel to the space victory in Civilization: V, focuses on a new journey for mankind….deep into the space. All the powerful nations in the world have united to embark on a journey beyond earth.

Civilization- Beyond Earth

“In the twilight of Earth’s great Civilization, we were chosen. Some were selected for their skills, others for their strength and some…by luck.  The great ships were the embodiment of each nation’s courage and faith. And they sent us to the stars in search of a new world. As we raced skyward, we carried our love to the hopes and dreams of those left behind. Our journey through deep space was long and quiet and it is finally over. Now, we look upon the new world for the first time and these alien shores, show us our destiny- a new beginning for mankind.”


So, what’s next? Space politics, conquest, the quest for dominance in the new world or more mysteries to be revealed? Don’t worry friends, as soon these answers will be revealed.

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Civilization: Beyond Earth will be launched globally for PC platforms in October 24, 2014.

Watch the new intro trailer:

You may also check out the gameplay:


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