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Last updated on June 4th, 2014

We all are aware of Child of Light,a RPG game from Ubisoft that makes sure to take the players in a whole new adventurous world . The story revolves around a daughter rescuing his father with her friends she meets in the journey.

The characters are lively, the story is fluid and the biggest surprise of the game is the combat system. A mix of both real time elements and turn based strategy gives the game the uniqueness that clearly overthrows the likes of other RPG games out there.

You play as the daughter of Limeira, and in quest of searching for your father, you end up in a really beautiful world. In the course of completing the main quest, wide array of challenges are thrown at the main character, which in turn brings variety in the game.

The graphics of this standard is beyond the likes of 2.5D games released until now. The UbiArt Framework not only manages outstanding visual effects but also manages to perform at good frame rates at low end machines. [My machine configuration is Core 2 Duo 2.67 Ghz, 2 GB DDR3 Ram and ATI HD5670 ].
Now, some criticism of the game, instead of having so much new things to offer, it fails to make the combat system exciting after a while. But , when you start to feel the repetitiveness, the game will already be at the ending part.

The story, is all sung with the help of rhymes and poems including the conversations of the characters.

The boss fights are interesting, and the combat elements evenly scale to the fights.

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