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Last updated on April 1st, 2018

Virtual reality has turned the world upside down. It surely has opened up an entirely new range of possibilities. The technology has led to an effective exponential growth of the gaming industry and has helped many organizations/institutes around the world in the field of research. The entertainment industry is all hooked up now, and VR is one among the most trending topics in the world at present.

Be it watching 360 videos, movies or playing games, you will never even regret for a tiny fraction of a second. Well, there are many VR headsets available in the market at present. The cheapest $1 solution would be Google Cardboard that you can even make yourself. However, you might want to rather grab a bang-for-buck deal that would deliver you with comfort and intensify your immersive experience. Hence, we present you with our list of cheapest VR headsets available in the market in the current scenario. Dive in!

Cheapest VR Headsets

# Pasonomi 3D VR Glasses

best vr headset for iphone 6

This is one among the best and cheapest VR headsets in the market apparently. Pasonomi is an excellent alternative to Google Cardboard. It is light and comfortable to use. You can put the straps on and modify the lens adjustment to witness a hassle-free experience. The lens, as well as phone padding, are decent enough as well. You can fit in your specs easily too.

For a price tag of $25, you can have a decent amount of fun watching and playing VR content. However, be aware that you do not get a controller on the purchase of this product. Either you have to buy one or manage by taking out your device every time you want to operate any apps.

We recommend you to use a 1440p display to get the best out of this headset. Well, guys, this has become an urban saying, “The better your smartphone, better your VR experience.”

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vr headset review

Moreover, we have yet one more Google Cardboard alternative for you. FIIT VR 2S is decent enough to use. The VR headset provides you with the optimal comfort and functionalities to match your needs. Ask us; we recommend you to go ahead and purchase it if you are on a lookout for something priced within $22.

You can fit in your glasses as well without any hurdle. The facepad and nose-room have been engineered perfectly for ease of use. The headset supports 4-6.5 inch Android and iOS phones.

However, be wary that you have to purchase a controller on your own to play games and operate without any hassle.

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# VR Box 2.0

vr headset review

The VR Box 2.0 is very cheap and has so much to offer that you cannot even imagine. Priced at around $30, it is one among the best we could find. For your comfort, you get a lens adjuster on the top that can be easily operated without any hitch. There are straps provided as well, to keep your gadget intact while you are in action.

What’s more is, you get a Bluetooth controller along with its purchase. So, you do not have to take the trouble of finding one. You may not get to experience something rich and vivid as that of Oculus or HTC Vive. However, to be frank, it is very rare to see companies offering an eye-candy deal at such a price range.

The manufacturers claim that the headset can support any Android or iOS device sized between 3.5 and 6 inches. However, based on the user reviews, it is best to mount a smartphone having a size between 5-6 inch. So, judging from the functionalities VR Box 2.0 has, it is clearly one among the cheapest VR headsets out there.

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# Homido

vr headset review

Homido is one among the best as well as cheapest VR headsets that we could find regarding quality. Unlike others, you get a variety of lens holders and eyepieces to suit your requirements. You will not have any trouble with the straps on, and furthermore, you can use another head-on strap to make yourselves comfortable with the VR headset.

The headset can support any 4-6 inch Android or iOS device. However, to avoid any hassle, we recommend you to mount a 5-6 inch device. For a price tag of $50, the company claims the product to be an excellent replacement to Samsung Gear VR (which supports only Samsung devices). But we would not recommend you to buy this device if you are on the lookout for a perfect Gear VR’s substitute.

It is a strong competitor for VR Box 2.0, all thanks to its wide field-of-view and better optical clarity. However, it does not come with a Bluetooth controller, and you have to rather purchase one if you want to operate the gadget smoothly.

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# Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4

vr headset review

BOBOVR Z4 is an eye-candy deal for a price tag of $36. It comes with a pair of non-detachable headphones to amplify your experience. Those are not great but decent enough to suit your needs.

It is pretty much not so comfortable, as it is quite heavy. The phone compartment has been perfectly designed to place your device, without any trouble aptly.  It is also a nice Google Cardboard replacement and can provide you with an immersive VR experience.

However, you have to purchase a separate controller as the product does not come with one.

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# HooToo 3D VR (Magnetic Trigger)

best vr headset for iphone 6

There are different models of HooToo 3D VR available for as low as $12. However, we would recommend the one having a magnetic trigger. It would cost you around $34, and you will not regret using it.

Yes, it is convenient to wear, feels very light and features proper focal adjustment. For navigation and controls, there’s a magnetic button which reduces the need for an additional controller. You can fit in your smartphone easily if it is thin and has a screen size between 4.85 and 6.25 inch.

Offering an FOV of 102º, you can witness a decent immersive VR experience with the HooToo 3D VR headset. Out of the various cheapest VR headsets out there, HooToo surely looks like a bang- for-buck deal.

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# Noon VR

vr headset review

Noon VR is one among the best Gear VR competitors out there available for a price tag of $90. Definitely, yes it is very much comfortable and easy to use. Similar to other headsets, you do get straps and a lens adjustment knob. It supports 4.7 to 5.5-inch length Android and iOS devices.

The best thing about Noon VR is that the company provides you with an exclusive VR application package. Just download the official Noon VR app and get loads of 360-degree videos, movies and amazing VR games to have fun with.

It does not come with a controller. Yup, that is right, and you may not need one! All the settings can be toggled/manipulated very easily. You just need to tap on the elastic strap beside your phone, for smooth navigation and accessibility. If you want to play games rather more flexible, then you should opt to buy a controller.

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# Freefly

best vr headset for iphone 6

And here we have yet another Gear VR competitor! But why this instead of Noon VR about which we just mentioned? The answer is, it’s much more comfortable to wear all thanks to the integration of faux-leather paddings.

It offers a 120º field of view which is quite incredible. Be wary that not all the VR headsets manage to offer you with something like that. You can use Android or iOS devices having a screen size between 4.76.1 inch. There’s an automatic thickness adjuster to avoid unnecessary gaps that disturb your fov (field of view).

Oh! On the purchase of a Freefly VR headset, you get a Bluetooth Glide controller without any additional cost. For a price tag of $70, this sounds like an attractive deal. If you’re looking for a Gear VR alternative, then this is one among the rare as well as cheapest VR headsets you will ever find.

But unlike Noon VR, Freefly’s official app isn’t that appealing to use.

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# DeePoon E2

vr headset for pc

This Chinese VR headset has been specially made for PC gaming. It’s nothing great and doesn’t match up to the standards of Oculus Rift or the Vive. But it’s a cheaper alternative and works on low-end systems as well. It’s conveniently designed and offers flexible adjustment.

You can consider this sort of as a clone to the Oculus Rift DK2. It pretty much performs all the functionalities of the DK2. However, the headset doesn’t support motion tracking which is unfortunate.

Almost all the PC and console VR headsets are quite expensive, and DeePoon E2 is the cheapest one in the market at present. If you are low on budget and just want to witness some VR gaming on your PC, the DeePoon E2 could be your atta-boy. It’s undoubtedly one among the cheapest VR headsets made solely for PC gaming.

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# Google Daydream

what is vr headset

Google Daydream View is already out for pre-order and will only support Pixel devices at its launch. Later on, the headset will readily support the devices of Daydream partners like Samsung, Huawei, Asus and Xiaomi.

Most noteworthy, the Daydream View is covered with cloth that makes it much sleeker and convenient to use. You do get a controller to cater up to your navigational purposes.

You will get to witness exclusive Daydream games and apps too. It will be a very tough opponent for the Gear VR, all thanks to its brand name and eye-candy price, i.e. $75.

So, fellas hope you had a great time browsing through our list of cheapest VR headsets. If you have any queries, then please make yourselves comfortable and fire away.

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