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Nokia D1C: Here’s Everything We Know About Nokia’s Android Device

Following the launch of Google's Pixel and Motorola's announcement, there's also something more exciting which you could have probably missed knowing - Nokia D1C. Yes, we are talking about the Nokia's Android-powered device coming later...
google pixel

Google Pixel & Pixel XL Launched: All You Need To Know

Almost every Android enthusiast waited long for this day. It was more exciting this time, considering a new range of smartphones with "Made by Google" on it, which the logo at the rear side...
dictionary apps for Android

6 Best Dictionary Apps For Android To Improve Your Vocabulary

Why would you need dictionary apps for Android? Well, if your native language is English, you probably know the meaning for most of the words that are commonly used. However, that is not the...
zombie games for android

20 Best Zombie Games For Android

Zombie games for Android are damn too popular nowadays! But, here's the fun part - What if zombies are for real? Well, it would be the worst thing that could happen. Fortunately, that is just a...
best shooting games for android

25 Best Shooting Games For Android That Will Hook You On

Back home after office or college, what's the next thing that you do? Well, it's obvious that you hook onto your phone or tablet, ultimately playing some games to curb your frustration. Play Store...
chess games for Android

12 Best Chess Games For Android To Easily Become A Pro

Checkmate! That's what I love to say at the end of the game. Well, I'm not a professional chess player, but I do love the vibe for it. If we talk about physical chess...

Evernote Change In Price: It Won’t Affect Users In India

Evernote users recently vent anger after the company changed its pricing schemes. The modified scheme restricts a "free" user from syncing the notes across unlimited devices (as it was before). However, now it allows...
exchange email app

9 Best Exchange Email Apps For Android – Microsoft Exchange On Android

Don't want to sit down in front of your computer? Want to respond to the emails on-the-go? I must say that you're really serious about being a productive fellow. If email conversations are of...
moto x play

Moto X Play Now Supports VoLTE And Receives May Security Update

Moto X Play - which was one of the best mid-range budget smartphones of 2015, would continue getting Android updates roughly for 2 years (starting from Sep, 2015). The smartphone offers a complete stock...
clear history on Android

How To Clear History On Android Device? – Beginner’s Guide

It's been a long time that Android has been dominating the market share compared to other mobile operating systems. We unquestionably need someone else to heat up the competition more. Perhaps like an Android-iOS-Windows...

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