You Can Play Battlefield 4 For Free on PC

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Remember DICE’s 2013 fps title – ” Battlefield 4 ” ? ? How stupid is this question for gamers ? I guess it is a priceless game for action-loving fans.

Well, EA launched a ” Game Time ” promotion on Origin which will let you play Battlefield 4 for free on your PC. The promotion includes free gameplay till 7 days i.e. exactly 168 hours of free time. As, it is a promotional chance given to gamers…it has its demerits too. Your time starts when you launch the game. The time runs out even if you are busy in other works like eating, sleeping etc. You will be notified about the time left inside the game menu. The most disappointing feature of this promo offer is the countdown system. EA could have provided a more fair way of countdown in the sense of true time spent on playing the game.


But don’t worry , all your progresses will be secured and locked by Origin. If you make up your mind to buy Battlefield 4 later then you can continue with the same progress from where you left after the “Game Time” ended. You are just one click away from adding your Origin game library to your Battlefield resources.
Click Here to know more about adding the game library.

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