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Last updated on December 7th, 2017

Mathematics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, neither is it a subject that can be undermined. Due to its sizable involvement in our daily lives, it is obligatory to be au fait with the subject. Being involved in our lives from buying groceries or our daily essentials to filing tax returns, we need Math. To keep an account of the money we earn and spend, we need Maths.

In this day and age of technology, learning has been widely affected by smartphones. With almost everyone having a smartphone these days, e-learning applications are bringing a radical transformation to the way how people learn and effectively bringing about a change in the educational industry as well. With state of the art techniques being applied to make content more interactive as well as effective in helping students to understand and grasp math topics in the best of ways.

I happened to get a chance to have a small chat with Thomaskutty, a student of class 12th waiting to appear for his CBSE Board exams. Thomaskutty told me, “I’ve always had a hard time with mathematics in my previous classes. But with the math’s applications out there I’m able to understand the subject much better now. Not having to worry about a teacher coming out of the screen to scold me, has improved my confidence in the subject. Jokes aside, this option for online doubt clearing has really encouraged me to ask more doubts and ponder deeper into the subject.”

Apart from the student friendly doubt sessions, math applications offer new and improved testing mechanisms. With the medium of testing being mainly through a touch screen and not being limited to just pen and paper, the way tests are arranged is unlike old times. With these new testing methods, they help students to evaluate their knowledge in the topic in a more interactive and fun way.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) condones the use of e-learning material due to the obvious advantages it brings to students which help them to study. Even CBSE provides eBooks to students on their official website to get study materials across to the students.

There are even certain YouTube channels available online which provides users with smart class like explanations. The advantage of the video based learning technique is that with proper video content and an auditory explanation along with it, the effective learning of the topic is much better. Just like how we are able to remember the plot of a movie we see over a book we read, the retention power of the brain to audio-visual content is comparatively much higher.

Hence it is clear to us how math’s applications can help us to improve our caliber in mathematics. Check out this YouTube channel to get an idea of how audio visual content can help you understand it better.-


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