20 Best Zombie Games For Android

Last updated on June 2nd, 2017

Zombie games for Android are damn too popular nowadays! But, here’s the fun part – What if zombies are for real? Well, it would be the worst thing that could happen.

Fortunately, that is just a part of our creativity and imagination which introduced “zombies” into the movies and games. But, I guess you will probably get more pleasure killing zombies than fighting other human enemies! Isn’t that right?

In this article, we will take a look at some (20 as of now) of the best zombie games for Android that you would love!

Do not forget to bookmark this page, as we will be constantly updating the list as soon as we find better zombie survival games for you.

In case, you are aware of more zombie games for Android available on the Play Store deserving to be on the list, do let us know through the comments at the end of the article!

List of the Best Zombie Games For Android

1. Stupid Zombies

[appbox googleplay com.gameresort.stupidzombies]

It is a real simple zombie survival game. The gameplay is a mixture of puzzle and shooting. You’re the hero and equipped with a fireball gun which rebounds for a limited number of times. The zombies would stand still at their places and you have to shoot the ball (fireball) in such a way that it would bounce back and kill all the zombies successfully.

You get a limited number of balls to shoot (five of them). So, you will have to make sure that you use the least number of balls in order to kill all the zombies present (for maximum score). Well, at first, the game might feel a bit easier, but after a while, it would prove to be tricky enough to challenge your mind. Finally, we feel it is both fun and a brain charging zombie game for Android!

2. Zombie Highway

[appbox googleplay com.auxbrain.zombie_highway]

An amazing zombie survival game with incredible graphics quality. Well, obviously, you won’t be getting a great visual experience with just 22 MB packaged game. All things considered, it’s one among the best in what experience it delivers being a small-sized zombie game.

You need to tap to shoot and you will even get to use the flamethrower! Unlocking cars aren’t as easy as it may seem. But, the cars available are pretty nice to look at!

3. DEAD TARGET: Zombie

[appbox googleplay com.vng.g6.a.zombie]

One of the most loved zombie games for Android. Here, a powerful corporation attacked a neighboring country. And, then they captured the state prison as well. They thought of using them for a better purpose but started experimenting on the prisoners. However, the experiment failed and turned some of the initial subjects into Zombies. Eventually, the outbreak spread which led to an increase in the number of Zombies and the whole city was infected.

Now, you come as a brave veteran hired to kill them all and to rescue some of the survivors (including a pretty girl). The girl would assist you and would suggest you to carry always the best available weapon.

Here, you don’t need to move from place to place, the game would walk you through to new locations automatically. You will not move (won’t be able to control the movements) and you will just have the ability to shoot the zombies wherever you end up at.

4. Plants vs Zombies

[appbox googleplay com.ea.game.pvzfree_row]

A tower defense kind of a game, it’s actually fun to play. You have to defend your house from the zombies and in order to do that, you will need to deploy plants that would help defeat the zombie fleet.

Thinking how plants can defeat them? Well, they’ve got extraordinary powers with which they can even defeat us (human beings). Fortunately, we’ve got them on our side. The more “sun” we collect, the more points we would get to upgrade them or deploy them.

Also, there are several different types of plants that we can deploy when unlocked. And, we have to upgrade them to be able to kill the zombies faster.

5. Zombie Frontier 3

[appbox googleplay com.feelingtouch.zf3d]

You have just spotted a survivor and now you have to save him/her. This zombie survival game does not give you the ability to move, it would automatically position the protagonist giving you the opportunity to just shoot what you see.

It’s comparatively easier when you don’t have to control the movement but shoot. However, the game offers a more challenging gameplay at later stages as you play on. The graphics quality isn’t much attractive but good enough.

6. Zombie Roadkill

[appbox googleplay com.wordsmobile.zombieroadkill]

A real simple game with not-so-impressive graphics quality. Still, it’s fun to play. The game offers two modes to play with, one being the Story Mode and the other – Endless mode. It’s actually pretty easy to start, as you would find a mounted machine gun as an automatic option while driving.

Surprisingly, you won’t get to drive the car always (as you do in Zombie Highway). When you first launch the game, you will have to eliminate two zombie waves just as you normally do in a first person shooter game. And, then you will get to control the vehicle and start killing them on the road. It’s pretty much simple but a game you can hang on to for some time at least.

7. Zombie Highway 2

[appbox googleplay com.auxbrain.zh2]

Sequel to the Zombie Highway, the developers came up with a complete overhaul. It is now one of the most popular zombie games for Android. This time, you get to use Nitro on your vehicle. There are some notable advancements with the vehicles as well.

The graphics quality is much better than the previous but requires a good performing device at the same time. You have to go as far as you can, but there is a slim chance of surviving in the endless highway. As you get better upgrades, you get powerful zombies as well!

8. Zombie Killer

[appbox googleplay com.wjp.zombie]

One of the most impressive fps games for Android. However, the game might not be a good fit for some. The graphics quality offered is pretty decent. A basic conceptualized zombie shooter game which users seem to like a lot.

The zombies aren’t scary at all (at least for me!). But, the difficulty level experienced after playing the game for a while is indeed challenging. The game does not demand a high-end performing device, so you can enjoy playing it even if possess a low-end device.

9. Zombie Assault: Sniper

[appbox googleplay com.feelingtouch.sniperzombie]

The name that describes the game isn’t completely appropriate because you get to start with a pistol and have several weapons of choices. It offers a similar gameplay to the previous but does deliver a far better visual quality.

You get better control over the weapons here as compared to the “Zombie Killer”. However, it would require a lot of effort to unlock a new weapon. So, the game might tempt you to go for an in-app purchase, but I would not recommend doing that when there are so much of zombie survival alternative games present on our list.

10. Zombie Squad

[appbox googleplay com.mastercomlimited.zombiedrive]

Zombie squad is similar to the ever popular Zombie Highway. It’s one of the most simple zombie games for Android. The graphics quality of the game might look better to some but it isn’t technically.

You will be equipped with a zombie-proof vehicle (somewhat) with a gun mounted on it. You will have to drive to kill them and squash them (run over). Zombie squad presents you two modes, one being an endless mode and the other with specific goals to achieve (missions).

11. Gun Zombie

[appbox googleplay com.pnixgames.gunzombieHellGate]

The game offers several game modes. You get a “Boss Rush” mode and a “Hell Gate” mode. In “Hell Gate” mode, you will have endless zombies coming towards you. So, kill as many as you can!

In the “Boss Rush” mode, you will get to test the real shooting skills with challenging difficulties. You get a variety of weapons (25 of them) and if you need to survive for a longer time in the “Hell Gate” mode, you need to constantly upgrade the weapons.

12. Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse

[appbox googleplay com.generamobile.zhunter.gp]

The city you live in is now filled with Zombies. And, there are a lot of survivors running for their lives. You, being one hell of a zombie shooting mercenary (a fine lady!), have to protect them at any cost!

The gameplay is impressive but still has a lot that can be improved. Whenever you get a headshot, the game presents you with a slow-mo bullet piercing scene through the Zombie’s head. You can switch between primary and secondary weapons.

The more you play, the tougher situations would come into action (higher levels). Here, you won’t be defending yourself but the civilians who need help. So, you’ll have to be more careful and precise, because soldiers can sacrifice themselves if they need to but can’t let people die! (Am I right?).

13. Zombie Gunship

[appbox googleplay com.limbic.ac130zero]

If you have played the “Battlefield” PC game series, you would find something similar here. Recognize, eh?

Well, if you haven’t, there’s nothing here to be confused about. The game has a real simple approach which proves to be tougher at a later stage. You are a rookie and you’ve been appointed to protect the bunker from Zombies. In addition, you will have to also provide cover fire to the civilians who try to reach the bunker at the same time.

The more you play, the better rank you get and higher weapon upgrades can be purchased as well. You may find this game as one of the most challenging zombie survival games for Android.

14. Zombie Age 2

[appbox googleplay com.redantz.game.zombie]

An action-packed zombie shooter game. Do you think you can survive a zombie apocalypse by staying inside a house? Is this the best way to survive a zombie apocalypse? No! How long would you survive? Wouldn’t your resources get exhausted? So, in order to survive, simply make your way through them and get out of the affected region.

You would also need a team to help you getting through. Well, it depends on the mission ( the level you are on). If you had ever played “Commando” series on Miniclip, I’ll bet that you would be installing it now!

Other gamers would still find it appealing but it depends on what type of user experience you are looking for in the gameplay.

15. Dead Trigger 2

[appbox googleplay com.madfingergames.deadtrigger2]

One of the best available Zombie shooting games on Android. The game offers a very good graphics quality, along with a compelling storyline (simple, but effective!).

You have got to kill endless zombies, and the zombies look good (in the sense- powerful). The game is regularly updated with new features and guns. In my experience, I loved using the crossbow! Dead Trigger 2 provides an immersive gameplay with its interesting challenges offered.

16. Into The Dead

[appbox googleplay com.sidheinteractive.sif.DR]

It’s an endless runner zombie-shooting game for Android. It offers a scary gameplay experience. Of course, you can’t compare it with the Alien Isolation for PC. If you normally get scared, you will experience the same when you play this game.

The graphics quality is impressive and being a game compact in size (file size). It delivers a good user experience. The game puts interesting challenges which would make you think twice before making a move, be that as it may, it’s still fun to play! You just have to run for your life through the zombies!

17. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

[appbox googleplay com.activision.boz]

An intensive zombie shooter game that comes with a hefty price tag i.e around 7 USD. It would leave you baffled at some point in time. It’s pretty good!

If you are not a fan of “Call of Duty” game series, you may not go ahead purchasing the game. But, if you loved the game series, you can opt to purchase it. The game offers the ever popular maps that you have experienced in the original series and as an added bonus, the game also features an arcade mode (top-down shooter) which can be unlocked by finding 4 of the missing coins in the game’s menu.

18. Hell Zombie

[appbox googleplay com.feelingtouch.hellzombie]

It is a tower defense game available on the Play Store. You’ve got to defend the castle and withstand the Zombie Apocalypse.

The more you kill, the more you get points to upgrade the weaponry. The visual overlook may seem to be a bit outdated, but it’s a simple yet exciting zombie game for Android. You can also unlock special attacks which include Fireball, Snowstorm, Lightning Strike, Freezing Ice Age and several others to slow down or kill the entire zombie army attacking you.

The faster you upgrade the crossbow, the better you can defend against them or else it would be too difficult to survive.


[appbox googleplay com.madfingergames.unkilled]

An epic zombie shooter game that you can find on the Play Store. You’re “Joe” and will have “Clark” as your team mate. Here, you will have to find survivors and rescue them.

However, you don’t get to deal with just human-sized zombies but you will also encounter hulk-sized zombies (dangerous!). There’s a twist in it, your teammate would be taken hostage by the lovely (huge!) zombie. The game delivers a great visual experience and to make things easier you get an option to enable automatic fire.

Personally, I loved it, and I’m looking forward meeting the huge zombie at the end!

20. Zombie Shooter

[appbox googleplay com.sigmateam.zombieshooter.free]
One of the highest rated zombie games for Android. You need to head to the evacuation point and join the battle for survival. Eventually, you will get to know about the virus that caused the apocalypse.

It is a top-down shooting game with intense graphics. A very good collection of weapons is available in the game. The game offers a basic user experience but is definitely worth checking out being one of the highest rated zombie shooter game.


Now, you have known about the best zombie games for Android. Which one would you prefer to play first?

If you love zombie games for Android, I’m sure that you must have already played most of the above-mentioned games. So, which one of the mentioned zombie survival games would you recommend?

Did we miss any of the deserving zombie games for Android on our list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Dead Target is most amazed game ever like zombie shooting game,Daily i play 1-2 hours daily,Latest update rocking

  2. Haven’t tried it yet! Will give it a try soon enough!
    Thanks for letting us know about it 🙂

  3. Nowadays the most famous games are “Dead Trigger 2” and “Zombie Gunship.” I love both of these games; I recommend you to give them a try.

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