Last updated on August 18th, 2017

#40 Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor OST – Warchief

The fighting theme music of Shadow of Mordor, eh? Simply badass…

#39 Red Dead Redemption- El Club De Los Cuerpos

That’s quite an instrumental track. The song has a very nice initial beginning too.

#38 Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain – Sins of The Father

This is rather a combination of Quiet’s theme and Sins of The Father. But Quiet’s tune just makes you very emotional!

#37 Just Cause 3 OST: Medici Theme

It has got that nice Latin feel to it. Pretty much we only think about blowing stuff in this game though.

#36 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six : Siege (OST)- Reactivate Team Rainbow

#35 Deus Ex: Human Revolution OST- And Away We Go

#34 Deadpool Game OST “Surprise Party Theme” Sylvain Lux – Close to the Mirror

Did you know that there was a Deadpool game too? Well it was released in 2013, and this soundtrack suits the primary character a lot!

#33 Fallout 4: Five Stars- Atom Bomb Baby

This retro from Fallout 4 surely sounds very sarcastic. You can check out the lyrics too.

#32 Mafia II OST – Enemy Of The State

Woah! That’s another amazing retro for ya’!

#31 Deus Ex: Human Revolution OST- Hong Hua Brothel

You might want to set your volume high and make yourself engaged to those amazing beats.

#30 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six : Siege (OST)- Black Ice

#29 Sid Meier’s Civilization V Soundtrack – Elegy

If you’re an RTS fan then you must have played the game. Well, this is a nice classical music track though.

#28 Hitman Absolution Soundtrack [Vixen Club Song – I’m tough]

Remember the Vixen Club in Absolution? Wasn’t this song amazing with those beautiful models dancing?

#27 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST – Merchants of Novigrad

Tell you what? Let’s revisit Novigrad! This video game music track has a beautiful symphony! You’ll fall in love with it.

#26 Spec Ops: The Line Music – Truth Revealed

The 2012 TPS, really engaged us into its role-play elements. If you haven’t played it yet then you should give it a try. Before that do consider listening to this epic video game music track.

#25 Infamous Second Son OST- Smoke and Mirrors

Woah! What is that? The beginning maybe a bit dull but later it just transforms into an energetic instrumental!

#24 Life Is Strange Finale Song – Spanish Sahara by Foals

A nice finale to a nice game! Really mind blowing!

#23 Mortal Kombat X Trailer Music – Wiz Khalifa  [Can’t Be Stopped]

Woah! What an ending! That was some brilliant music. The lyrics for the song is quite decent enough.

#22 Until Dawn OST – Hey Hey hey

Hey! So, a horror game can have a classical romantic song too! You should check the lyrics as well.

#21 Mad Max Trailer OST – Soul Of A Man

The song surely suits into the character of Max, the prime protagonist of the game.

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