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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

#80 Assassin’s Creed Rogue OST – Animus Black

In my opinion, I would consider this as the best Animus background theme track ever. Why? Because there is silence, mystery, suspense, tension and drama involved all at the same time.

#79 Tom Clancy’s The Division (OST) / Ola Strandh – Precinct Siege

The Division has been attracting a huge attention worldwide since its release, especially for its amazing open-world multiplayer elements.

#78 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST – I’m My Own Master

Yes, no one is my own boss! I’m my own master!” Don’t worry, you may refer the link for the song’s lyrics.

#77 Assassin’s Creed III OST – Main Theme By Lorne Balfe

Lorne Balfe has composed the song really in an amazing way that depicts the rise of American revolution with Connor Kenway. Really, this is a beautiful video game music composition.

#76 Super Mario Galaxy OST – Honeyhive Galaxy

You will definitely fall in love with this track for how simple and sarcastic it sounds!

#75 Assassin’s Creed 2 OST / Jesper Kyd – Venice Rooftops

Lovely! This is probably one among the best Assassin’s Creed soundtracks so far. Hope they make an HD remake of the Ezio Saga.

#74 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST – Sword of Destiny

Holy Cow! The soundtrack begins with a serious note! Will take you back to all those serious moments you encountered in Witcher 3. The intensity of the song in the middle is simply marvelous! Make yourselves comfortable as you listen to one among the best video game music tracks.

#73 Halo Reach OST – Overture

And behold! Another epic soundtrack for you…

#72 Champion Sound (EP) / Ill Factor – Dyers Evie feat. Melody Noe

This song from Syndicate is especially dedicated to Evie Frye and it amazingly does fit into her character! And hop in to another thrilling video game music track!

#71 Rocket League OST- Whiplash

Have you played the sci-fi sports-action Rocket League? If you haven’t then hope this soundtrack inspires you to do so.

#70 The Witcher 3 Soundtrack – The Wolven Storm

Ahh! How can we forget this beautiful song performed by Priscilla in Witcher 3? If you want to propose a girl, then use those romantic lyrics or if you’re a good singer, then you better sing it to her! Do share the news regarding your proposal though! How do I put this? Romantic video game music that you can use to make your life? 😛

#69 Battlefield 1 Trailer Music : The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

Battlefield 1 surely got everyone’s attention this year! You must be excited for lot for this game! The lyrics is also very amazing! Immerse yourself deeply to this video game music as you prepare yourself in the battlefield!

#68 Mirror’s Edge OST – Still Alive

Embrace the feel of some elegant music with the animated clip!

#67 Life is Strange Soundtrack – To All Of You By Syd Matters

Another beautiful soundtrack from Life is Strange. Don’t worry, we have the link for the lyrics of this song.

#66 Thief 2014 OST- Lockdown

Maybe the game was negatively criticized but there’s a track from the game which you might like.

#65 Battlefield 4 OST- Main Theme

The main theme of BF4 really captivates us each and every time we play the game. Oh! The beats of this amazing video game music!

#64 Life is Strange OST – Obstacles Syd Matters

And we have Syd Matters again with a beautiful song that has been used in Life is Strange.

#63 Fallout 4 OST- Main Theme

We all love this beautiful theme used in Fallout 4. It’s both emotional as well as inspiring.

#62 Mass Effect 3 – Leaving Earth

God! This will definitely take you back to the moments you experienced while playing the legendary RPG, its tension, drama and suspense. Don’t worry, Mass Effect Andromeda is coming up soon.

#61 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Nate’s Theme 4.0

And we have a soundtrack from the best game of the year! Care to play it once again?


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