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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

#100 Beyond: Two Souls OST – Jodie’s Suite

Though negatively criticized, the music tracks of the game weren’t. The composer, Lorne Balfe, is also known for most of the notable songs in the Assassin’s Creed Franchise.

#99 Saints Row: The Third OST – Saints Row The Third

This is one heck of a crazy open world game! Those action packed scenes and sarcastic elements will definitely get you hooked into it 24×7.

#98 Champion Sound (EP) / Ill Factor – From the Shadows feat. Jared Evan

And we have another track from Syndicate…woah! That’s one hell of a song and undoubtedly one of the best video game music tracks.

#97 Knife Party-Bonfire

This is a very popular soundtrack by Knife Party and has been used by many YouTubers. In fact, this was also used in Breaking Bad….remember?

#96 Karen O – I Shall Rise: Rise of The Tomb Raider Trailer Music

Used, in a trailer of Rise of The Tomb Raider, the song depicts the thrilling yet painful adventure of Lara Croft.

#95 Max Payne 3 OST- Full Power (Night Club Song)

Makes you feel like partying and banging people with headshots! Cheers!

#94 GTA V OST – Welcome to Los Santos

What are you waiting for? Let’s hang out in Los Santos!

#93 Ghost Recon Future Soldier OST – Conspiracy

“Deploying sensors….multiple targets in the area. Bravo 6 cover my 12. Deploying smoke…switching to thermals…got ya’ baby….bang bang bang!”

Can’t wait to do the same in Wildlands!

#92 Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag OST – Pyrates Beware

Awesome! Another cool track from Black Flag, you would usually get to listen to this in-game while battling against enemy ships. Imagine dancing to the tune of this beautiful video game music!

#91 Need For Speed 2015 – [Trap] – Aero Chord – Break Them (feat. Anna Yvette)

It’s time to dance, “Break  ‘em…break ‘em…break  ‘em down…down…down…”

Oh boy! Now am confused which song in this list is my fav actually! Aero Chord – Break Them has been used in the recent 2015 racer, Need For Speed. To be frank, listening to this video game music track juices up my adrenaline!

#90 Hitman Absolution OST- Main Theme

Remember how Agent 47 scared the shit out of Blake Dexter and Benjamin Travis? Lol…it was so sarcastic. This song just happened to remind me of those moments.

#89 Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Vietnam Main Theme – Soundtrack

Ha ha ha! This music track actually, in my opinion, tries to explain how different and cool the Battlefield franchise is when compared to the games of COD.

#88 Crysis 3 OST – What Are You Prepared To Sacrifice

Almost all the Crysis 3 soundtracks begin and end with a serious note. Well , this song is one among those which you may like.

#87 Borderlands OST- No Heaven

With more than a million listeners, this Borderlands music track is one among the most popular tracks of its time ever. The song, composed by DJ Champion, is decent enough. You probably want to check out the lyrics.

#86 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst OST – ‘I Am Faith’

To be frank, the track sounds more like a sci-fi company ad background music or something, isn’t it? Completely cool and badass!

#85 Assassin’s Creed Rogue OST – Assassin’s Creed Rogue Main Theme

What’s the best thing about Rogue? The storyline of the game is so captivating that you can simply claim that it has the best plot ever used in any AC game so far, after the Ezio saga. And, this theme from the game is more than enough to signify so.

#84 Borderlands OST- Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

Oh boy! This song will dance on the either ends of your headphone! So, do you want to sing the song with the lyrics?

#83 Batman Arkham Knight OST- Evening the Odds

Evening The Odds, is a special track that depicts the entire timeline of Bruce Wayne from the death of his parents to the day when he grows up to save Gotham by putting on his Bat-Suit.

#82 Assassin’s Creed Rogue OST – I Am Shay Patrick Cormac

Shay Patric Cormac is an example for us all. The soundtrack dedicated to him, can be heard at the beginning and end of the storyline in Rogue. Sensational video game music…eh?

#81 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst OST – Main Theme

Beautiful! You might want to set this as your alarm tone. Well, you can’t ask for anything better! This OST is one among the best video game music tracks which you may consider adding to your playlist.


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