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Last updated on June 1st, 2016

Well, 2K15 was hot with many legendary and mind-blowing titles like Fallout 4, Witcher 3, Phantom-Pain and much more. Similarly, 2K16 boomed from the beginning as Rise of The Tomb Raider banged the billboards with a universal acclaim. There are still many exciting games coming-up this year which looks mutually very promising for the developers as well as passionate gamers. Here is a list of best games for PC this year which we have compiled for you.


no-mans-sky-gallery-04 (FILEminimizer)

No Man’s Sky is an upcoming adventure survival video game developed and published by the British studio-“Hello Games”. Talking of the game, No Man’s Sky provides an intergalactic environment. It is the largest open world indie we have ever seen. The game can be played in different ways, you can be a space explorer, a pirate hunting other traders or you can be too boring travelling space station to space station.

I just can’t get those creatures out of my head. They are amazing, you can play with them, you can kill them and when you do, you will find out that you just violated the laws of that planet and the conditions are quickly escalated. The game has its own periodic table. You can collect resources, combine the elements, and trade them at a trading post. As you proceed, weapons can be upgraded, so do the ships. Weapons can be used to collect resources, you don’t have to dig a hole in the ground, you can shoot at the elements to collect them or you can just create giant holes in huge rocks just for fun. The game is slated for a June 2016 release.




The prequel to Mirror’s Edge (2008), Catalyst will primarily focus on the origin of Faith Connors (protagonist) and her initial attempts to save the city of Glass from the hands of a capitalist conglomerate ruling the city. Unlike, the first title in the series, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offers open-world elements to players, thus adding a lot of variety in their approach to complete different objectives. However, the usage of gun has been removed and hence, you need to heavily rely on stealth and parkour to progress through missions. Faith, a care-free runner, can also use ziplines for navigation throughout the city. Developed and published by EA, the game is out be released on 28th May this year.



Battleborn-2 (FILEminimizer)

Battleborn, an upcoming first-person comic shooter, is especially a handiwork of the creators of Borderlands. Published by 2K Games, Battleborn takes you into a universe, where stars are being captured with the intent to scavenge for resources and power by a warlord known as Varelsi. Your job is to take down Varelsi and save the last star for the survival of the universe.

However, long before any of this happened, the very same people fighting together for the survival of the universe…fought each other for land and resources. This forms the basis of different multiplayer modes offered by the game:

Capture- Fight your enemy and capture the opposition’s assets as well as your resources to decide who is the boss.

Incursion-In this mode, you march your army of robots to invade and destroy your opposition.

Meltdown- Sacrifice your minions to the Robot God. The team with the largest pile of scrap wins. Better be good at defending your sacrifice ritual.

With more than 25 characters with different unique abilities, you have got multiple to choose from and yes, you do get a chance to complete the story mode with either your friends or rather simply by going solo. The game is set to be released on May 3, this year.


#Homefront: The Revolution


Another first-person shooter, Homefront: The Revolution is an upcoming sequel to Homefront, which is set four years after the invasion of the US by the Great Korean Republic. You’ll play as Ethan Brady, a member of the resistance group that aims to drive away the Korean forces from the city of Philadelphia.

The best thing about Homefront Revolution is its open-world approach that counteracts the linear-based campaign mode of Homefront. Throughout the game, your primary aim would be to capture enemy outposts and hack com-towers to help in your resistance group’s objective of retaking the city. And yes, you would definitely need the help of remote drones and flashy gadgets to complete your objectives. You also have the privilege to access four-player co-op missions that deviate from the main campaign with separate perks and achievements. Published by Deep Silver and developed by Dambuster Studios, the game has been slated for a May 17th release date. Enjoy your summer!



2980097-dark-souls-iii-6 (FILEminimizer)

The upcoming open-world action role play game, which is the fourth installment in the series, will hook you into it’s new weaponry, items and revamped map system. It has borrowed a lot of features from the 1st title in the Souls series, ie. Demon’s Souls. The story is set in Lothric, a kingdom that is on the verge of witnessing an apocalypse, all thanks to the conflict between the Light and the Dark. Your job will be to protect the mankind by preventing this apocalypse from happening.

Published by Namco Bandai and developed by From Software, the game will be out for release on 16th April this year, a few weeks after it’s launch in Japan on 24th March.



Quantum Break

Quantum Break is an upcoming story driven, action-adventure and third person shooter video game being developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios. Players will be able to control the two protagonists, Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder from a third-person perspective having the power to manipulate time, all thanks to an accident caused by a time-travel experiment in the city of Ravenport. Your primary objective would be to save the city from the consequences of the experimental mishap.

The game incorporates a cinematic experience with the action-sequences associated with the gameplay. In other words, Remedy has made an attempt to combine the thrilling gameplay experience with a TV show, titled with the same name as that of the game. As the time is directly affected, momentary destructions lead to thrilling action-sequences heavily influenced due to instantaneous time. The storyline in Quantum Break is directly affected by the decisions and actions made by the players as they progress through the game. Quantum Break will be out by 5th April this year.



8_old-Alley_195938 (FILEminimizer)

Right now, The Divison by Ubisoft is probably the most searched game across the internet and could be one among the most unique AAA titles to date, in the genre of third-person open world role play gaming. The story set in a near-post-apocalyptic stage of New York, all thanks to the spread of a smallpox virus, describes the state of the city without any order, with various violent groups fighting each other for power. You will play as an agent of a secret task force called the Strategic Homeland Division, with direct orders from the President of the US, to fight for the nation’s stability and peace when everything has gone out of control.

Your choices will directly affect your gameplay experience. So, you better stick together to your team perfectly or be careful while playing solo. The game was out on 8th March, this year.




This upcoming spin-off title from the Far Cry series will take you back to 12,000 years, i.e. the roots of human civilization. While man is at the bottom of the food-chain, all that you can do is only survive…in a world full of vicious wild animals ranging from Mammoth to pre-historic bears. Man in the beginning had no clear idea about peace and unity and hence, all the tribes that were present constantly fought each other. You will play as Takkar, the last surviving man in your hunting squad, on a quest to become the Beast Master of your tribe and hence, unite the Land of Oros. Go back to 10,000 B.C already, as the game has been already released for PC.

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Set two years after the events of Human Revolution, the stealth open world action-adventure, Mankind Divided is set in 2029 which depicts world-wide civil unrest due to the wrongful use of augmentation technology. As a result, various augmented terrorist groups have launched worldwide attacks to threaten the mankind. You will play as Adam Jensen, not as the Security Chief of Sarif Industries, but rather as a task force operative for the Interpol, in a quest to stop these terror attacks and uncover various conspiracies set by your very own organization.

The gameplay has been completely revamped with upgraded features and a variety of abilities along with new gadgets and weaponry. The hacking mechanism returns with the add-on ability to hack objects remotely. In Human Revolution, though the combat system was available, players were not provided with much freedom to assault directly. However, Mankind Divided removes this problem by adding more variety in combat mechanics on par with the multiple approaches you can take using stealth to complete your objectives.

Published by Square-Enix and developed by Eidos Montreal, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be out by 23rd August, 2016.




The legendary prequel to the series, Hitman will take you to the roots of Agent 47 in making. The storyline focuses on 47’s growing reputation as a ‘legendary-ghost’ in it’s initial stages. Unlike Absolution, the developers have made an attempt to re-introduce the signature Blood-Money style gameplay into the series with Hitman, for the former was criticized negatively for its deviation in core-gameplay mechanics as compared to the previous titles.  The game will have a more sandbox-styled approach and players will get access to max freedom in all the quests and side-missions.

The ‘Elusive Target’ mode which is a new addition, gives you the privilege to take out a particular target only once. If you fail to kill your target who manages to escape, then he/she is gone forever and there’s no second chance. Better learn your opponent’s pattern and behavior very well, so that you can plan and execute your strategies perfectly.

The Escalation Mode, which is yet another unique feature introduced in the series, will make you eliminate a target in form of various stages. As stated by the developer IO interactive, “The first stage could be to eliminate your target with a sabre. Then, the second stage could be to eliminate your target with a sabre whilst dressed as a waiter and removing any security camera recordings within two minutes.”

The first episode of Hitman was released on 11th March, and the next episode of the game is coming soon.

All right gamers….hope you enjoyed going through our list of best games for PC this year. Looks like 2K16 will be exciting with full of surprises for us.

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