9 Best Free Wallpaper Apps For Android – 2016

Last updated on September 2nd, 2016

“Buzzz!!…..buzzzz!!”- Your phone vibrates and what’s the first thing that adds a ray of glimmering hope to your day? Your homescreen….isn’t it?  So, a wallpaper on your device plays a vital role in adding vibrance and ecstasy to your life. But it would very inconvenient and tedious to simply browse for images all the time from the web. Instead, wallpaper apps for Android mobiles would definitely come handy!

For that, we have compiled a list of best free wallpaper apps for Android. Have fun exploring them.

Droid_Wallpapersdroid wallpaper - best wallpaper apps for androidAre you a fan of droid miniatures? Do you want them to enrich your virtual world? Then Droid Wallpapers is the perfect application for you. The app enlists a series of images depicting Droid figures in action, holding something cranky or expressing some deep emotions, which you can choose to download, share or set as your wallpaper on the tap of a single button.

My personal favorite is the one that shows a Green Droid lifting his ‘hard-earned lollipop trophy’. But the list is very limited and doesn’t get updates on a regular basis.

In addition to that, the ads popping up frequently may also annoy you. You may still like using the app though until you get bored after a month or so.

[appbox googleplay com.peaksel.androidwallpapers]

Wallpapers_For_Mewallpapers for me - best android wallpaper appsSo, what’s so special about this app? Well to be frank, it’s cool, simple and offers a vast range of unique wallpapers for ‘me’.  You can tap and choose any wallpaper you like from a number of categories like animals, cartoon, nature and much more. Oh! There is a ‘popular section too’… that showcases a list of trending images downloaded by the users. You will simply fall in love with the vivid unique photographs and designs.

There is also an additional feature that enables you to randomize your homescreen with live wallpapers. But to be honest, this application has a huge file size, almost double as that of the other wallpaper apps, and consumes a lot of data too. Well, if you like to frequently jaw-drop yourself looking at those beautiful designs, then this app is perfect for you. It’s one of the most loved free wallpaper apps for Android.

[appbox googleplay com.apalon.wallpapers]

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Wallroxwallrox - best android wallpaper appsWoah! That’s a cool name! Wanna wallrox your homescreen with exclusive designs? You will simply fall in love with the content this app offers you with. Choose your wallpaper from various categories like landscapes, minimalistic as well as materialistic designs, gradients and the list simply goes on. Just tap on a single button to instantly apply a wallpaper or either crop it a bit based on your desire. You may also attempt to just save it for future.

The best thing about Wallrox is, neither it occupies much storage space nor it consumes much data, all thanks to the app being cloud-based. It’s smooth and has been heavily optimized to deliver the users with a smooth and wonderful experience. But again the list of images is a tad limited and the ads popping up at the bottom may be undesirable for you.

Another unique thing about Wallrox is, it also offers users with QHD/UHD wallpaper which is very uncommon for any application of such category.

[appbox googleplay com.material.wallrox]

Walloidwalloid - free wallpaper apps for androidI would recommend this app for users possessing a test of experimenting new and innovative things. Because, Walloid as the name suggests, can either stock, custom or materialize your Android device with thrilling wallpapers.

In other words, by using this unique application you get the privilege to homescreen your device with stock based or custom-rom wallpapers. Don’t worry, material designs are also present to fulfill your basic requirements.

You get a range of stock wallpapers of various companies to choose from like HTC, LG, Nvidia and so on. The custom based Cyanogen wallpapers surprised me though!

[appbox googleplay com.hashcode.walloid]

Tapettapet - free wallpaper apps for AndroidThis tiny application having only a file size of 2 MB can offer you an array of gigantic services that you can’t even imagine. Neither does it consume much of your data nor does it drain your battery. How? Because it operates on a single algorithm that can generate ‘gazillion’ amount of patterns based on your choice. It is somewhat justified to describe it as the ultimate free wallpaper app for Android.

In other words, Tapet, a pattern based wallpaper app, can randomize your selected design from its vast array of wallpapers automatically without depending on data. It works primarily offline and offers heavy customization to suit the dynamic needs of a user. You can even set regular intervals for refreshing your homescreen and hence, don’t need to worry about anything else.

The best part about Tapet is that the app by default fits the wallpaper based on the screen resolution and PPI of your device. But yes, the application may crash once or twice after installation and you probably won’t face such type of issues later on (it may work just fine for you!).

[appbox googleplay com.sharpregion.tapet]


Wallmax (FILEminimizer)

Too much wally…wally eh? Well, it’s evident and Wallmax does live upto its name. To be frank, it is a phenomenal wallpaper app for Android. All thanks to its simple and responsive UI along with a wide range of marvelous designs and photographs. You can choose which image to download based on resolution and category as well.

To be frank, the devs have implement categories in the form of hash-tags like #cars, #anime, #videogames and so on. Wait what? Anime and video-games? Yes, you heard right! This is perhaps the only app that has quality as well as unique content related to these two categories.

If you are an anime or a gaming geek or both, you’ll blindly claim this as you best wallpaper application so far. In addition to that, you get the privilege to create your favorites gallery and also access vital info on individual images like size, views and the number of likes. But the only limitation about Wallmax is that the content is not refreshed on a regular basis.

[appbox googleplay in.alphawolf.wallmax]

Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds_HD_1.1 (FILEminimizer)

The only wallpaper app to receive the ‘Editor’s Choice’ tag, Backgrounds HD has the largest unique wallpaper collection as compared to other applications. Yes, all the rest of the common features are there like categories, live homescreen update, featured content and so on.

But it has a couple of unique wildcards in play too like the history tab, that enlists your previously applied wallpapers, and the auto-scrolling feature, which automatically scrolls the wallpaper on your homescreen. In addition to that, the app also offers a clock widget that automatically tick-tocks your main screen and hence, adds more realism and beauty to it.

[appbox googleplay com.ogqcorp.bgh]


wallreyIt is a new addition to the Play Store. However, it surprises us with the pictures it has to offer. Not to forget, WallRey utilizes the images available on Unsplash, which is one of the most popular spot to get royalty free high-resolution photos.

It’s completely free but offers a pro version to it. It does not contain advertisements, so the pro version isn’t targeted to get rid of them rather unlock some interesting features like the ability to manage your favorite collection. I won’t recommend going for the pro version unless you want to help the developer in making the app better and add more premium features.

Overall, it does not require an incredibly fast internet connection in order to load up the images but still presents you with a good user experience.

[appbox googleplay com.rey.wallpaper]


backdrop - free wallpaper apps for androidWith Backdrops installed, you’ll get access to a bunch of exclusive wallpapers. You can view them and set them as your wallpaper but you can’t save all of them. It’s one of the most popular wallpaper apps for Android mobile.

Some of the pro collections require you to subscribe / upgrade to the pro version in order to get the ability to save the pictures on your device. However, it presents you with a community section which offers you a huge wallpaper collection filtered according to what the other users like (hot trends!).

If you aren’t interested in the pro version, you can get a hell lot of high-quality unique pictures through Backdrop’s community section, it’s more than enough.

[appbox googleplay com.backdrops.wallpapers]

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2 thoughts on “9 Best Free Wallpaper Apps For Android – 2016”

  1. Without a doubt, Tapet is the best. A never ending supply of beautiful colorful geometric patterns. You can choose to like or dislike the wallpaper which makes it customizable. For example, I like the color yellow and dislike purple, so I use the onscreen buttons to tell Tapet that. The small size and low battery drain make it even better.

  2. Amlan Panigrahi

    Yup, maybe you are right. But thing is Taper only generates pattern based designs. What if you would like to put up a scenery wallpaper instead?

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