8 Best Email Apps For Android – 2016

Last updated on August 6th, 2018

More than 50% of the emails are being opened on smartphones and tablets. Well, that’s impressive! But in the year 2010, there were merely 5% of mobile email users. So, that makes us think about some questions. What made them switch? Flexible email apps? Are there more advantages of managing an email account from a mobile phone? Yes, we definitely think that’s true. Users want to stay connected with their email contacts even on the go which is both time-saving and convenient as well.

Personally, I don’t even feel like checking emails on my laptop (irrespective of the Internet speed). An email app on my Android device comes handy and saves time. Don’t you feel that as well?

However, there are some tasks which are best done on a desktop, like sending bulk emails. And, obviously, if you are Google’s CEO (dream come true!), you won’t be doing everything from the smartphone. You would need a laptop or desktop mostly. So, desktop email clients won’t get obsolete, but would be left to have only enterprise email users after a few years.

We’ve compiled a list of best email apps for Android which would help you become more productive and save you a lot of time doing things on the go.

List Of Best Email Apps For Android


cloudmagic email for android - best email apps for Android

This email app works with all types of email, be it Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Exchange, and other IMAP accounts. It gives you reliable timely and fast push notifications utilizing the cloud technology. As the emails are pushed from the cloud, it doesn’t consume a lot of battery juice and data.

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The best feature here is that you can sync your email accounts across multiple devices with the help of a single CloudMagic ID. So, you do not need to setup the email accounts once again on another device, you just need to sign in with your CloudMagic ID and it will take care of the rest. It introduces a premium feature – Sender Profile. It lets you know more about the people who email you. The information includes – Job title, location, organization details, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & AgelList profiles as well. However, it would cost you 1650 INR per year to subscribe to the feature.

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gmail - best email app for android

It’s the inbuilt email client on most of the Android devices. It provides more power to a user when using a Gmail account. It also supports multiple email addresses including Outlook and other IMAP/POP3 accounts.  And, the app also provides instant email via push notifications.

However, it does not support syncing capability across multiple devices through a single ID. So, you need to setup the accounts from scratch when re-installing or using the email app on another smartphone.

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mymail - best free email app for android

This one comes baked in with the support for ActiveSync protocol, that ensures a faster sync speed between the original mail server and the smartphone. Its UI isn’t completely material, but the color combination resembles Gmail at some point in time. It is secure, fast and resource friendly as well.

It offers you some exclusive features which require you to sign up at My.Com. The features include add/delete/manage labels/folder and create filters.

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mail.ru for android - best email apps

Don’t worry, it isn’t just for Russian email users. It supports all other major email services. Although it doesn’t support other hosted IMAP email accounts but does offer you a great security. It avails you with a personal spam filter which is efficient enough to easily notice the spam emails and never lets them ever disturb you.

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Also, you get an option to create a protected folder (Create a folder with a password). There’s even more, it enables you to filter notifications where you can set a time to receive notification.

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Email TypeApp Mail

email typeapp - email apps for android

It provides high security for email communications. It supports all the major email services and IMAP accounts as well. Customized for offline use, you would know what it means when you try using the app.

Even if it provides numerous features and a well-designed UI, the app uses a lot of background data. So, if you are on a metered connection you should be careful and keep an eye out for it. It also comes with the support for Android wear.

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email apps for android - maildroidIt’s a pretty simple app designed just for making things easier handling IMAP and POP3 email accounts. In that case, there are plenty other apps, why this? Well, if you’re looking for a simpler and lighter alternative to the default OEM mail client, then this one should do the thing.

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wemail - email appsIt is one of the interesting email apps for Android. You must be already familiar with various organization algorithms or methods put to use by email apps like Inbox, Gmail, and Cloudmagic. They categorize the mail by priority level or by the purpose (Business, Finance, Promotion, Purchase etc). That’s definitely useful and Inbox has proved it to be true. However, this one comes with a unique concept where it organizes your mail by grouping them under Sender IDs. In other words, you can directly search for a message from a particular handle without going through all of the inboxes, thereby reducing clutters.

To my use, it was good. Although, it could be nicer of course!

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Blue Mail

bluemail - best email appsIf you look at the Play Store rating scale. It would be the top rated email app available for Android devices. It supports multiple email provider accounts which include Office 365 as well. It comes with some of the advanced features like smart notifications, group mail, android wear support and more. Also, if you’re looking to add a professional signature without breaking the bank, you’ll do just fine with its rich text signature support. It even has a customized feature support to enhance offline use.

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Now that you’ve known the best email apps for Android, you should be just fine with these apps in terms of security and ease of use. Choose the best for yourself! Let us know in the comments section about the email apps you use on your Android device. Is that on our list? Did we miss any other quality coded email app for Android?

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