8 Best Email Apps For iPhone and iPad

Last updated on January 21st, 2018

Are you using the best email app for iPhone? Now, that you are here, we’ll assume that you are on the lookout for the best email app for your iPhone. Fret not, we have filtered out 8 of the best email apps for iPhone and iPad to help you manage your email accounts in the best way possible for free!

To be exact, two of the email apps listed would cost you money but rest of them are free!

The email apps listed below are in no particular order. So, you should consider the best iPhone email app according to your personal preference.

Best Email App For iPhone: 8 Of The Apps You Should Try

  1. Spark 

    [appbox appstore id997102246]

    Spark is a beautiful email app available for iOS devices. It is surely the best email app for iPhone if you want a rich user experience. The user interface is very carefully tailored for a cleaner look.

    Your emails get filtered out to categories for faster access (like Personal, Newsletters, etc). Spark lets you utilize quick replies with emojis on it.

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    It is probably the most customizable email app for iPhone. You can customize the widgets, sidebars, and also define the actions for swipe left/right to snooze/mark/delete an email.

  2. Alto

    [appbox appstore id1043210141]

    Alto is an incredibly popular email app for iOS which deserves to be one of the best email apps for iPhone and iPad.

    Alto is a responsive email app with a clean user interface. It lets you manage thousands of emails without letting you worry about the number of emails you got. You can track your calendar from within the app. Alto also comes with the support for Amazon’s Echo (Alexa – voice assistant) and Slack integration.

    Undoubtedly, it comes with 3D-Touch support for quick access and Touch ID for security.

  3. Gmail

    [appbox appstore id422689480]

    Gmail is the most loved email app for iPhone. Well, yeah, we are well aware that it is a product from Google but it is arguably better than Apple’s Mail app – where your emails aren’t well-organized (At least, in my case!).

    Gmail is one of the best email apps for iPhone no matter if you use Gmail, Exchange email account, Hotmail, and so on.

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    You get the very needed – “Undo” – option to prevent embarrassing mistakes while sending an email. With this app installed, you can respond to the Google Calendar invites from within the app. Nevertheless, Gmail is the best email app for iPhone if you mostly utilize Google’s services.

  4. Outlook

    [appbox appstore id951937596]

    Outlook is one of the best email apps for iPhone if you are looking for simplicity. It lets you access the most important emails first and prioritizes the email conversations as you keep using it.

    It offers limited swipe gestures which include delete, archive, and schedule actions. Outlook features a split view while you use it on an iPad running iOS 9 or above.

    Outlook supports Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.

  5. myMail

    [appbox appstore id722120997]

    myMail is a unique email app available for iPhone and iPad. It comes baked in with a flat user interface along with a streamlined approach.

    You can customize the push notifications whenever you want them to be notified. It supports Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, and its own – my.com – email account.

    myMail lets you set a PIN first and then utilize Touch ID to keep your account secure.

  6. Inbox by Gmail

    [appbox appstore id905060486]

    Inbox is by far the best email app for iPhone considering you have a Google account. It supports Gmail accounts and G Suite accounts as well.

    Inbox is not necessarily the best-looking email app out there but the only email app available for iPhone and iPad that is unbeatable while helping you keep your email organized.

    Inbox is intelligent enough to filter and sort out the emails in the specified category (finance, social, etc). You can also mark email conversations to be – Done – if you do not need it to be visible in your primary inbox folder.

  7. Newton Mail

    [appbox appstore id721677994]

    Previously known as CloudMagic Mail and now – Newton Mail – is a premium email app available for iPhone and iPad.

    Originally, this was a free email app that offered in-app purchases for premium features. However, now, it lets you try it for a period of 14-days. Newton’s subscription would cost you $49.99 per year.

    The subscription fee might be too high but it could be worth the investment for some. Whenever someone sends you an email, Newton aggregates all the information it can about the sender and lets you know about it. Also, similar to instant messaging services, you can check whether the email you sent has been seen or not.

    It also supports – Undo Send – option along with the feature to send your emails at a scheduled date/time.

  8. Airmail

    [appbox appstore id993160329]

    Airmail is a quite popular mail client for Mac users. Now that it is available for both iPhone and iPad, it sure is one of the best email apps available.

    You get a unified desktop and mobile experience. Unlike Newton, Airmail requires a one-time purchase for $4.99. If you are looking for an alternative to Apple’s built-in mail app, this should be the best email app for your iPhone.

Wrapping Up: Best Email App For iPhone

Now that you’ve known about the best email apps for iPhone and iPad, you can let your friends and family know about the same by sharing this article.

Which one do you think is the best email app for iPhone? Have we missed any of your favorites? If yes, let us know about it in the comments section below.

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