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Almost everyone, at some point in their life, has played a handful of video games. Whether it be avoiding the colored ghosts in Pacman or fighting it out in Counter-Strike, games signify a part of most people’s childhood.

This might explain why the videogames sector has fared so well, over the years. In 2016, the value of the global video gaming sector amounted to 75 billion US dollars! By the end of this year, Statista predicts that the value will exceed 130 billion US dollars.

Statista Video Game Stats
Source: Statista

And you will be surprised to know who is generating most of this revenue! According to the Entertainment Software Association, the usual age of a gamer is 34. And at least 65 percent of American adults are gamers.

With such astounding statistics, one might wonder what benefits video games offer to people? Surely, it must be more than a tool to pass the time.

Whether you are a parent anxious about your child’s consumption of video games or an avid gamer, you will be happy to know that playing video games does offer real-life benefits. Here are the topmost benefits one can realize.

Here’s How Video Games Can Be Useful

1. Cultivating leadership skills

Effective leadership is not always an innate trait. It must be developed through the right experiences and training. You need leaders for businesses to thrive. Yet, this is one of the most underdeveloped skills.

According to research conducted by the Human Resource Professionals Association, approximately 63 percent of millennials believe that they are not being provided with the leadership development needed to succeed.

The good news is that you don’t have to rely solely on company training and academia for this skill. Games provide you with it too!

Researchers have discovered that individuals who play games that require leading a community display the same motivation in their real-life career goals as well. Therefore, something as fun as leading your troops into battle can positively affect your leadership skills.

2. Boosting problem-solving

Video Game Benefits 2

Regardless of which field you choose as your career, you will require problem-solving skills to make your way through life. Video games tend to help in this regard as well.

Strategy games that rely on the gamer’s brain cells for victory tend to help in boosting problem-solving skills. Take a simple game like Moles in Holes as an example. In this game offered by Unlimited Gamez Mo, the player has to create a path for the different moles to reach their food. The catch in this one is that no two paths can overlap with one another.

Here, players must strategize and plan ahead. Seemingly simple video games like this one help in improving the problem-solving skills of individuals.

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3. Slowing down the age-related memory loss

According to a research article presented by NCBI, over 40 percent of people over 65 suffer from age-related memory impairment. And 1 percent of these conditions progress to dementia every year.

One fun fact about video games is that, if chosen properly, they can help slow down the age-associated memory problems. There is a genre within the universe of video games called “brain games.” These games rely on the player’s memory and analytical skills.

A study was conducted to gauge the effectiveness of such brain games on cognitive functioning in people over the age of 50. It discovered that playing such games for 10 hours led to significant improvement in cognitive abilities.

There are various platforms that offer such games. One of the most popular is Lumosity. In this platform, you will find an extensive range of games, each of which targets a different component. While some rely on a person’s working memory, others help in improving hand-eye coordination.

4. Creating a socially-connected community

Video Game Benefits 1

One of the biggest myths regarding the gaming industry is that it creates socially isolated individuals. After all, staring at a computer screen for hours disconnects you from those around you, right?

Well, while a gamer might not be interacting with his immediate surroundings, it doesn’t mean he isn’t part of a well-connected community.

As per the American Psychological Association, over 70 percent of gamers play videogames with their friends. Not to mention that some of the most popular games are played in virtual worlds, which feature the participation of people from all over the world. Such games include PUBG, World of Warcraft, and Farmville.

The rise of multiplayer games has allowed for the creation of a virtual socially-rich community. Some individuals emerge as leaders, and others follow suit. Hence, a gamer is able to polish their social skills much more in this virtual world due to the diverse interactions they have.

5. Reducing stress

Stress is widespread in the world. As per the American Institute of Stress, over 77 percent of individuals experience stress extreme enough to affect their physical health.

Stress Stats 1

While video games might not be the cure to stress, they surely help in reducing it. After a long stressful day, nothing feels better than to disconnect from your own worries and immerse yourself into another world.

When you are playing a video game, for a while, you assume the role of someone else. Suddenly, your own worries take the backseat. Your brain temporarily forgets about it all as you try to ensure that your character overcomes the problems that come his way.

By providing a meaningful distraction, video games play an imperative role in reducing and managing stress.

Play and benefit

Anything that is overconsumed is bad for you. The same goes for video games. But, this doesn’t mean that gaming doesn’t come with its fair share of benefits. Strike a balance between the virtual and real-world and watch as your gaming skills do more good for you than harm!

Play games that help in building your leadership and problem-solving skills. Challenge your brain with brain games. Be part of a community.

Are there any other benefits of video games you think are worth mentioning? Let us know.


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