Beats Solo 2 : How Good is it ?

Last updated on August 12th, 2017

Beats headphones are damn too popular in the modern era.Although if we look at the Beats Solo 1 then Solo 2 attracts a user more because it has been redesigned inside out ! Well , it will keep improving its technology in the coming years as it is now a part of Apple.And this Solo2 has a price tag of $199.95

What Beats says about its product ? ?

Always BEATS promised of enhanced quality experience but this time it gets more better.You can experience more enhanced clarity .
Streamlined, lightweight, and durable, this compact headphone is more comfortable than ever. Take your music with you wherever you go, with the Solo2.

Let’s have a look at its features : 

Feel A New Kind Of Sound : How different can it be ? ?

Well, there is no such magic but its the core technology which makes its experience richer and unique from other headphones.

You must have seen a dynamic option menu in a normal sound equalizer, that’s it ! That is the secret behind it! This headphone gives you more dynamic and wider experience so that you can feel what you hear. In other words you get an emotional experience.

Relax Yourself and Enjoy the Music !

Engineered for comfort as said by Beats and it is really true! Starting at the center of the flexible headband, the frame of the headphone has been curved like never before, giving the Solo 2 a custom-fit feeling. The earcups have been angled at position which helps to minimize the sound leak, so that your ears feel comfortable.

Elegant Design


Looks obviously matter because it gives a touch of luxury in your eyes which can dazzle your thoughts while using the headphone.
And the best of its design is that there are no visible screws or joints which can make your headphone look normal. It is easily fold-able by which you can carry it on the go.

Remote Control

You can control the volume, take calls, change the songs without getting to your device in which it is plugged in with the help of a remote control cable .

Remote-Talk cable
Remote-Talk cable




Last but not the least ! It makes your life colorful

It is available in six color bands that are – pink, red, blue, white, gray and black so you can buy the right color which reflects your personality or your mood.

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2 thoughts on “Beats Solo 2 : How Good is it ?”

  1. Siddhant Pati

    If you have money to waste please go ahead and get one of these.It can’t beat Audiotechnica ATHm50x (VFM) nor the V-Moda Crossfade series.

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