The Battle of Two Windows Phones: HTC One M8 (WP 8.1) VS Lumia 930!!!

Last updated on August 21st, 2017

With the announcement of free Windows Phone 8.1 license by Microsoft, many phone manufacturers have taken the step to launch their own version of smartphones featuring Windows 8.1. We have discussed about a few of them like the Yezz Billy and Prestigio but the one to notice with recent developments would be the Windows version of HTC One M8. Is this a phone worth your penny? Can this compete with the same range of Lumia phones? To clear your doubts we will have a heated discussion comparing M8 with the flagship phone Lumia 930.

First let’s have an overview of their specs respectively:

HTC One M8:-

Internal Memory: 16/32 GB (Can be expanded to 128 GB via microSD)
CPU: Quad-core @2.3 GHz  Krait 400
GPU: Adreno 330
Camera: Rear- Dual 4 MP (2688 х 1520 pixels) with dual LED Flash
Front- 5 MP
OS: Windows 8.1 (with Lumia Cyan update)
Screen size: 5.0 inch
441 ppi
Lumia 930:-

Internal Memory: 32 GB (Can be expanded to 128 GB via microSD)
CPU: Quad-core @2.2 GHz  Krait 400
GPU: Adreno 330
Camera: Rear- 20 MP (4992 х 3744 pixels) with Dual LED-Flash
Front- 2MP (720p)
OS: Windows 8.1 (with Lumia Cyan update)
Screen Size: 5.0 inch
441 ppi

By studying the features, you don’t get much of a difference. The M8 is completely similar to it’s Android version if you neglect the interface. But if you compare those specs to that of Lumia 930, you will notice the difference in camera quality. Now, we don’t want to discuss which is more obvious. I would like to present you with two images:

A snap taken by M8

The same snap taken by Lumia 930                                                                                                          (Source:

When you compare the above two images you will obviously conclude that the second image taken by 930 has a better quality as compared to the first one in terms of field depth, density, precision and accuracy. If you want to talk about the camera apps, Nokia Camera offers you a better experience as compared to the one designed by HTC. And with Lumia Denim coming this winter, the successor of Cyan update, 930 will leave M8 far behind in terms of camera as well as image quality. If you do not have any idea about Lumia Denim then you can check my article by visiting this link:-

Focus on the design of M8 powered by Windows 8.1. I don’t know but if you combine the sleek design with the interface, M8 looks unique. It almost looks like a phone that can easily defeat any Lumia flagship phone out there. The curve-edged body and the back makes M8 look like an ideal Windows Phone.

Now, what about Lumia 930? The design is good but HTC One M8 has better looks as compared to 930. In terms of design, HTC One M8 is the winner. In fact, not even a single Lumia phone can match the same level of design that M8 has. When you hold M8 in your hands, you will feel as if you possess a an ideal Windows Phone.

Have you heard of Blinkfeed? If not, then you should know that it’s an exclusive app designed by HTC for M8. The app filters all your updates in one place. You can select the category of news you want and also you will be able to integrate your social feeds from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Windows Store definitely needs an app like BlinkFeed.

Left: BlinkFeed for Android, Right: BlinkFeed for Windows

Further, the navigation bar of M8 has an innovative feature. There is a drop-down arrow available in the nav bar (You can find that in the above image), which can be used to remove the entire navigation bar, thus increasing your screen size. Don’t worry, you can get your nav bar back just by swiping your finger vertically from the bottom.

In addition to everything, the Dot View Case has also been made available by HTC for the Windows version of M8. When you use the Dot View Case, you will be able to see the time and weather in pixelated format. What’s more, you just double tap and swipe your screen, Cortana is in your hands. But this features is not better as compared to the, “Hey Cortana” feature made possible via the Lumia Denim update.


The HTC One M8 WP 8.1 looks like an ideal Windows Phone but in reality it doesn’t function like one. Lumia is Lumia and 930 proves that by winning this battle. Even if you neglect the camera and image quality, the apps that you get from Nokia will give you a better experience and you won’t be able to witness the same experience in M8. Lumia 930 is also available in almost the same price as that of the M8 ,..i.e. around INR 40k and with Lumia Denim update to be launched soon, 930 will be the phone worth investing in. But yes, if you are someone who gives more preference to design than functionality, you should rather go for M8.

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