Batman: Arkham Knight

"Its not what I am inside but what I do that defines me"
“Its not what I am inside but what I do that defines me”

 Batman: Arkham Knight, the successor of Batman: Arkham Origins is an upcoming open-world action-adventure game of Rocksteady Studios scheduled to be released on October 14th, 2014 worldwide. It will be the 4th major installment in the Batman franchise. The story of the game is the sequel to that of Batman: Arkham City set a year after the latter’s events. A new villain designed by Rocksteady with DC Comics especially for the forthcoming title in the series, called ’Arkham Knight’, will be featured.


The plot introduces all the known characters of the previous installments but introduces a new villain, known as, ’Arkham Knight’, equipped with a militarized version of Batman’s suit show-casing a signature A-logo. (There are many fan theories and rumors that the new character has been reproduced and given a new look from a known character in DC Comics.)

After a year of the demise of Batman’s arch enemy, The Joker, Gotham City is safe with all the crimes and threats eliminated but a group of the ‘Caped Crusader’s  most dangerous foes comprising of Harley Quinn, Penguin, Two Face a.k.a Harvey Dent headed by Scarecrow attempt a plot against Batman by introducing a bigger threat to the city. Batman is tasked with the responsibility to solve this problem but is obstructed by yet another enemy who calls himself ’Arkham Knight’.


All the gameplay elements and features of the predecessors are retained. In Batman Arkham Origins, the Batwing could be summoned to transport Batman from one point to another but players could not manually control it but in this game Batman can summon his vehicle, ’Batmobile’, which is a new and unique-feature as unlike Batwing, Batman can manually drive Batmobile. The vehicle can be called anytime and can be used to scare off on-foot criminals, fire at enemy vehicles, jump, nitro and destroy objects to create paths for Batman. Players can eject Batman from Batmobile any time after which he will be sent gliding.

The on-foot combat system introduces a new feature called, ‘Fear Takedown’, which is a form of stealthily knocking down a maximum of three opponents one by one by slowing down time and marking the next target. Some gadgets like grapnel -gun, line launcher and batarng can be used while Batman is gliding. Batman can interact with environment and use it to as a method to knockout enemies. e.g. using the power generator to synchronize with Batman’s gadgets to fight his opponents during combat. Batman can now access vantage points from large distances unlike in previous titles where one has to get within range inorder to access one.

Batman Chronology                     


1. Arkham Asylum                                  


2. Arkham City                                  


3. Arkham Origins           


4. Arkham Knight               




1. PS4

2. Xbox One

3. Microsoft Windows

System Requirements:-

(Not yet revealed but will be updated as soon as we get any information)



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