Auslogics Boost Speed 8 Software review: Limited Giveaway keys

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Hello, readers, we’re back with another useful tune-up tool for PC, i.e “Auslogics Boost Speed 8”. We’ve 10 giveaway keys for you (each worth $59.9), but if you’re lucky enough, you would obviously get one!

Well, we’re always at work to improve the system’s performance (Powered by Windows OS). Of course, Windows OS is widely used being flexible and it houses great features which can be easily understood. And, that makes it user-friendly and in the end, it’s the dominating platform which runs on most of the PC’s around the world.

However, there are performance issues. A user has to take care of junk files, registry errors. hard drive errors, browser cache, privacy records, defragmentation, and lots more. Do you think you should take a long break to achieve these tasks? Why not let the best software utilities do their job!

Yes, this software utility can be counted into the hot charts list which already includes system tune-up software’s like Advanced System Care Pro 8.3 and System Mechanic Professional. So, let’s start reviewing it!

We’ve had it installed on two computers, running on Windows 10 and Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. The later running on a Pentium dual core processor and the other powered by i7 chipset.

The Performance

auslogics boost speed 8

This software is originally available at a price tag of $59.9 (that’s way expensive we thought initially). But, the performance really impressed us! We tested it on a low-end and high-end system as mentioned above and surprisingly it consumed 24-60 MB of RAM on both high-end and low-end system.

abs ram

While the process works (if you’re performing the cleaning operation, defragmentation or similar processes), the RAM consumption remained the same. So, that defines the software tool to be resource-friendly (highly). And, while performing the first scan after installation, the PC condition was flagged as poor (we knew it). We moved on to continue the cleaning process, which took 8.7% CPU usage.

There was no observable lag throughout our review.


The software comes with a great set of features. Here’s an overview list:

Auslogics Speed Boost 8
  • Disk Defragment
  • Tweak Manager
  • File Shredder
  • Duplicate File finder
  • Recovery tool
  • Startup Manager
  • Internet Optimizer
  • Disk Doctor
  • Registry Defragment
  • Live Speedup
  • System Advisor
  • System Privacy Manager

These features work like a charm thus claiming the true functionality power of this application. And, there are certain features which we would like to highlight. The Live speedup feature is awesome! (that’s how I can express it).

The live speedup feature is divided into 5 dimensions:

Auslogics boost speed 8
  • Memory Optimization (Clears memory real-time for active program use)
  • Processor Optimization (Provides uniform optimum processing power to programs)
  • Auto-Defragmentation (Defrags hard drive when not in use)
  • Disk Priority Management (Enables faster access of data)
  • Desktop Protection (Prevents Desktop Explorer Crashes)

These features, when combined give a visual performance boost to any system. This makes the software utility, worth its price tag! And, wait! There’s another interesting utility – System Advisor, it analyzes the system and gives the suggested potential tweaks for three categories (Performance, Stability, and Security).

Here’s a screenshot for your understanding:

auslogics boost speed

So, the Advanced Boost Speed 8 comes loaded with necessary and important features presented in an intelligent way to a user.

The UI (User Interface)

The UI is simple yet modern. It looks nice to me. Don’t worry, it has got some custom skin options for you to choose. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the default skin and a different colored skin: (click to view)


It’s giveaway time! Fill in your details in the form below and we’ll send you the key (valid for 1 year) if you are the chosen one! (Download here)

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