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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

App locks for Android are in great demand. There’s a simple reason for that and we already know it – Privacy & Security. If you look at the Google Play Store, there’s a whole bunch of app lockers. If you want to manually evaluate all those apps and decide for yourself, you’ll probably be wasting your time. Well, not to brag, but that’s why we are here, to make things easier for you. So, we’ve put another app-locker to our review bucket list – Aurora AppLock.

If you are already using one, we would still recommend trying it out (never know, you may ditch the previous!). In this review, we would highlight everything you need to know about the app locker.

Let the review process commence….. Download

Review Of Aurora AppLock

Package Size

Well, even if the smartphones are coming packed with larger internal storage options, you would have to still worry about the storage. Every inch of storage counts when you realize that you don’t have much free space left. So, why not prevent it from happening? You could easily do that by installing lighter applications (less size).

Here, aurora applock is of mere 3.4 MB in size. And, upon installation, it takes around 15 MB of space.

The User Interface

Aurora app locker UIAurora comes with a pretty decent user interface. However, simplicity doesn’t really ruin your experience with it, the reason behind it is – no annoying in-app advertisements. Although, it asks regularly to either submit a complaint or to rate it at the Play Store. But, that’s pretty much to it. You’ll have to once rate the app to make it disappear.

The transparent status bar appeared to have a different color than the default accent color of the app. It could be probably fixed with a simple code modification from the aurora applock developer’s end.


aurora applockLooking at the size, and the screenshots offered at the Play Store, you’ll probably be thinking that this app is meant just for putting a pattern lock to secure apps. However, it offers a plethora of features like Photo Vault, Video Vault, Intruder alerts, Fake cover and another interesting chameleon inspired feature.

  • Basic App lock
    Aurora review..It comes with a simple interface. And, it can obviously help secure your apps. Unlike some popular App lockers, this app doesn’t show any kind of advertisements when the lock screen appears. Nor does it try to encourage people by misleading them in any other way.
  • Vault
    If you were using a separate dedicated Vault app, you could minimize the space and also maximize the device performance by running an “all-in-one” app. In this case, Aurora offers free vault to store pictures and videos. So, it is useful for multiple works, not just securing an app.
  • Fake Covers
    This is a quite interesting feature and popular among the app lockers available at the Play Store. This feature helps a lot in comparison to traditional pattern locks. For instance, if you have a loved one (child, wife, girlfriend etc) who wants to access your app, but you don’t really want them to see it, you can fake it using the fake covers.Whenever a user tries to access an app with fake cover enabled, he/she would end up looking at a “not responding” dialogue box or a fingerprint scanner page. They would never try questioning you for that!
  • Replace App Icon
    Unlike the feature to hide the app icon, it lets you replace the app’s icon with something else. Hiding the app icon is good enough as well, but it’s time-consuming when you try accessing the app through the dialer (what if you forgot the code!). Well, you can reset it for sure, but that takes a bit of time I guess? Another point to be noted, it supports hiding app icons if you’re a superuser (rooted user).
  • Profiles
    Screenshot_20160525-171437It’s always a time killing activity to modify the app lists for which the locker should be enabled/disabled. And, you definitely need to do that as well, because you wouldn’t like unlocking an app repeatedly even if you know you’re alone! So, setting up profiles eases up the process. You can create different profiles such as Home, Work, Friends etc.., and to setup the apps you would like to be locked at specific profiles. When you reach the workplace, simply switch the profile to “Work” and you’re done! Every user wants to be productive with the help of a smartphone and killing time doesn’t mean you’re productive.
  • Lock Files
    Securing only video or pictures isn’t enough. You may have some important files that need attention as well. So, with Aurora app locker you can lock and protect individual files (APKs, PDFs etc).

Customization & Battery Consumption

It lets you customize the look by supporting multiple trending themes. Nothing fancy, but simple customization options present on the aurora applock. The themes look really nice, you would definitely find one that suits your taste.

Battery consumption is one of the most important factors while reviewing an app. Fortunately, there was no visible additional battery drain. So, yeah! It’s battery friendly indeed!

Final Verdict

It’s overall a nice app locker to have installed on your device. It comes with a handful of features which won’t make you install other privacy protection apps to secure your files. If you’re a material design lover, the UI may be a problem. But, otherwise, simplicity is at its best with Aurora applock and to be frank, there are no hidden strategies of making money out of a user. Well, that’s something rare to find!

Download Now (Play Store)

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  1. I appreciate your info about this app. I have installed it and like it so far…well up until I added the fake cover, now I can’t access anything on my phone, I have never used an app lock before or a fake cover and now Im in a bind. I need my phone for work and everything is locked up because of the fake cover, please tell me how to get past it

  2. You can try getting past the fake lock screen by the following methods:

    1. If you are using the fingerprint fake cover, then tap on the scanner twice and then hold it to unlock
    2. If you’re using Force close option, move your finger from left to right along the close button to unlock..

  3. As to your problem, you can disable the Fakecover inside Applock Aurora. If this step doesn’t work, all you have to do right now is to uninstall this app and reinstall it. If you have any other problem with Applock Aurora, this email: [email protected] is available.

  4. Thank you so very much for your kind words. If you have any problem with Applock Aurora, please feel free to ask.

  5. Yes the UI is quite simple yet effective to secure your phone privacy away from intruders to large extent. Hope you like Applock Aurora. If you have any problem with AppLock Aurora, please feel free to ask.

  6. Quite good! Didn’t expect there’s more good app lockers as well. However, do they have pro plans to remove advertisements?

  7. Hi, thanks for your kind words. We don’t have pro plans to remove advertisements. Compared with other applock, Applock Aurora has quite few advertisments actually.

  8. After using it for an hour or so, I think it’s a decent app. I liked the fake-cover feature especially, and thus fooled my girlfriend. Lol, it was so hilarious. I never faced any hiccups using that feature though. Hats off to the devs!

  9. i have touched randonm keyboard and now i am not able to find applock please help me how to find it


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