Asus Rog Phone Ii
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I haven’t yet shared my thoughts on ASUS ROG Phone 2. However, if you are looking to get some insights on ASUS ROG Phone II, you should check out Dave’s take on it:

The smartphone is impressive – no doubt about that. For the specifications and an overview – I recommend watching the video above.

Everyone was curious about the pricing and we just have an update about that.

Asus Rog Phone Ii Shot 1

The phone was revealed officially today at an event in China. They revealed the price of the smartphone while also commencing pre-orders for China on (a chinese e-commerce platform).

There would be six variants of this phone (sounds insane, right?). And, the base model starts at 3499 CNY (or 35,000 INR approx.)

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The high-end variant will cost you around 1,30,000 INR – which is said to be the “Esports Armour Version“. So, the smartphone’s price ranges from around 35,000 INR (or $505) to 1,30,000 INR.

Of course, with the global launch of the phone – we will get the exact numbers. But, it should be close enough.

What do you think about the pricing? For India (and global market) – will it be cheaper or pricey?

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