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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Hola asesinos! With Ubi E3 round the corner, you might be highly impatient for the reveal of the most anticipated title, Assassin’s Creed Origins. But we have some surprises for you. A fellow Assassin has revealed some images of the upcoming Game Informer issue on Reddit. Surprisingly, the images also showcase an exclusive Assassin’s Creed Origins retail disk cover highlighting a possible release date.

AC Origins

Apparently, it contains all the essential information you need to know about Assassin’s Creed Origins. The data is quite vast, hence, we have mentioned some of the key highlights in this article. Here are the 14 interesting facts you need to know about Assassin’s Creed Origins.

The Release Date

ac origins

All thanks to the leaked cover image, the release date of the game’s known to us, which happens to be 27th October. However, there’s no sufficient evidence about the respective platforms. As far as the tradition goes, Ubi often releases the console version of AC titles prior to that of PC. Hence, there’s a huge probability that the PC counterpart will be out by sometime during November.

Cleopatra will serve as the primary antagonist

The Setting

cleopatra ac origins
A painting depicting Cleopatra: The Last Pharaoh

According to prior leaks, most of us are well aware that the game is set in ancient Egypt. But which part of the ancient era? As, per the Game Informer issue, the upcoming title will feature a time set during the reign of Cleopatra (Ptolemaic Egypt).

So, in short, this was a time when the Greeks ruled the Egypt. Cleopatra is known to be the only female and last powerful ruler of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. For your surprise, she is the primary antagonist in the game. Goosebumps!

Bayek – The Founder Of The Brotherhood

ac origins bayek

Have you ever questioned how the actual Assassin Brotherhood came into existence? How the rituals and a basic set of principles were formed? To your astonishment, the protagonist, Bayek will play a key role in forging the Assassin Brotherhood. The would-be Brotherhood founder bears the designation of a Medjay, or in other words, an Egyptian royal military officer. Especially relevant, the lead character happens to be the savior of his local community.

The game won’t feature any mini-map

Return Of Horse Navigation

ac origins horse riding

When was the last time you remember navigating using a horse in any Assassin’s Creed game? As a matter of fact, it’s Assassin’s Creed 3. This feature was removed in the subsequent titles mainly because of evolved means of transportation. However, according to the Game Informer report, Horse Riding will make a comeback in Assassin’s Creed Origins. We might expect to ride on camel backs too. In addition, sailing will also be featured as a means of transportation in the game, as per previous leaks.

No Minimap

How crazy does this sound to you? The game won’t feature a GPS meaning you have to repeatedly toggle maps for local references too. Also, you won’t be able to judge the location of your enemies, as previously, they were marked as red dots on the minimap. You will probably face a lot of difficulties, navigating through dangerous territories marked as red.

You can no longer see enemies through walls

What if you screw up on a mission and happen to be chased by your enemies? It does sound fun and challenging. With these small yet decisive changes, we can say that Ubisoft is planning to make the game seem as realistic as possible.

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Purist Eagle Vision

bayek assassin's creed origins

You may be able to locate chests and hidden treasures using Eagle Vision but you can no longer use it to see enemies through walls. That is what we think, was highly necessary to implement a challenging and better gameplay experience. In addition to that, Bayek can summon his eagle, Senu, and use her as a drone to scout territories and mark targets.

Furthermore, you can use the hover mode that would render the bird stationary, and pause the game a moment for you to spot the enemies. Also, you can tame animals to your command, which is a known feature, first implemented in Far Cry Primal.

The Topography

ac origins

Don’t be mistaken that entire map will feature a desert consisting of some monuments and buildings. As per reports, there will be multiple oases along with the Nile Delta, thus exhibiting a lush green landscape with wildlife. Who knows? You might expect to see crocodiles too!

Well, deserts will also feature a varying landscape. While in one region you may see vast sand dunes, other areas will more likely showcase barren lands with salty rocks.

The Cities

ac origins alexandria

The leaks suggest the presence of two prominent cities so far, namely Memphis and Alexandria. According to the interview of Game Informer with the game’s art director (Raphael Lacoste), “In the game, we have the magnificent Memphis, with huge landmarks, and the very organic village around with all the mudbrick houses.”

The director also added, “There was a competition between Alexandria and Memphis, which were two huge cities. One was very Greek/Roman, i.e., Alexandria with a lot of density in the architecture, but it was also very rich and complex. And the ancient Egyptian architecture is also minimalistic but very impressive also.”

You might very well expect to tour major landmarks like the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Revamped Combat

ac origins wepaons

Ubisoft Montreal has taken an attempt to redefine combat mechanics with Assassin’s Creed Origins. There are various ancient Egypt weapons like swords, spears, bows, etc. available at your disposal. But you can’t just parry and counter-attack enemies to eliminate them. The combat will probably be a lot more challenging, and will solely focus on your skills that you develop.

You can poison corpses to your advantage

You may unlock a certain combo and use it to your advantage against the enemies. The rage meter can be filled up to unleash chaos when you are battling against a series of opponents. You can even deflect arrows using your shield and use them to your own advantage.

Graph-Based Skill System

You will see a complete overhaul of the skill system, with the introduction of graph based pathways to unlock abilities in a more faster and efficient way. It will more likely resemble the character skill tree featured in RPG titles like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

No more instant deaths by air assassinations

You Can Poison Corpses

Well, how could this benefit the player? Think about it! While you poison a corpse it will more likely affect enemies approaching the body. Especially relevant, the affected ones would create mayhem and set other enemy units rogue too.

Less Instant Deaths By Air Assassinations

Yes, you can perform air assassinations, and you might take down enemies too. But you won’t be able to air assassinate targets of higher levels. It will most likely lead to a certain wound or scratch thus reducing their health. Hence, don’t expect any instant deaths.

Underwater Swimming

Underwater Swimming in AC Black Flag

Underwater swimming makes a comeback. Just like in Black Flag, you can also explore and discover underwater ruins/treasures.

Additional Character Playability

As per the magazine, Ubisoft has quoted about an additional playable character but no further details have been revealed. Certain fans on Reddit have made some interesting speculations. An enthusiast claims about the possibility of playing as a Roman character who could be a Templar. You may refer the above screenshot for more details.

You may refer the leaked images below for details. If you have any interesting fact about AC origins then do share with us.

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