watch OS

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Apple watch is by far the best smartwatch out there. Of course, Android wearables present a decent competition but with the watchOS, Apple’s watch gets an edge over Android wearables.

At WWDC (2017), Apple announced the watchOS 4, which comes with several significant changes and new updates.

Instead of a static screen with the required information, the watchOS 4 incorporates Siri’s machine learning to present you with the cards that you might require currently according to your location and routine. 

watch OSYou get toy story’s characters (Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear) for the homescreen. While you raise your arm, it would let you experience funny animations on the homescreen, making it very interesting!

watchOS also brings several additions to fitness activity app which lets you opt for multiple activities quickly. Also, you can automatically set your favorite playlist to play when you start a particular activity.

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