Apple Panics as Google Announces Project ARA Modular Smartphones Release Date

Google’s Project Ara Modular Smartphone will hit the market by the end of the July’15.

The Project Ara program was initiated almost 2-years ago and back then no one ever believed that there could ever exist a smartphone which can be this much customized. The concept was presented by PhoneBloks and immediately it gained a lot of attention.

Motorola a Google owned company, then acquired the project. However, the company after several months was sold to Lenovo. After the sellout of Motorola to Lenovo, Google decided to keep the Project Ara under its own supervision, and since then the Project Ara was carried out by Google. The project was having enough potential to astound any smartphone user, as it provides a great customizability. Think of a phone whose touch-screen, camera, memory, CPU, RAM, front-camera, speakers can be changed to pick up the latest update without replacing the entire phone.



Well, good news for you fellas, as Google after 2-years of research is finally going to release the Modular Smartphone by the end of the July ’15. This project took so long to came into the real picture as initially no supplier or electronics manufacturer showed any interest in manufacturing replaceable components for this Modular Smartphone. But in the last couple of months, many companies like Toshiba had shown a great interest and designed camera for this modular smartphone. It has developed three different camera sensors – 5MegaPixels and 13MegaPixels primary camera and a 3MP front camera for selfies. These camera modules can be fitted to any Spiral 2 prototype, the one that was revealed by Google earlier this year.


If Google anyhow manages to build a strong market for Modular Smartphones, more manufacturers will be interested in making modules which will support its modular phone project, then it will announce a new prototype which will be available by the end of this year with furthermore customizations along with a Modular tablet prototype.

Wishing Google a “good luck” for its upcoming Modular Smartphone release (in July’15). Users have waited enough to customize their Smartphones like their PCs. If the Modular Smartphone becomes such a success after hitting the market, it would bring a new era to the Smartphones.

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