Apple Device Lock-Out: Can Save Your Life!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

 The dangers of glancing at our phone while driving a car is not new to us.But a simple text can cause you to look at your phone momentarily rather than focusing on the road which can lead to death.

Apple plans on solving this problem by introducing the concept of “Driver Handheld Computing Device Lock-Out“mechanism which disables certain functions while the user is driving. Apple quoted that this mechanism wouldn’t require any hardware modifications on the existing devices,rather it would use the iPhone Motion Analyzer that would act as a sensor to detect high speeds based on the GPS data or phone signals to lock up the phone.

The Company also cited that “Texting while driving has become a major concern for the public”.Apple also surveyed that in April 2006, 80 percent of road accidents were caused due to consumption of eatables and using computing devices.Apple insists the people not to use cell phones while driving.

Amlan a.k.a ‘Hackassin’ is an avid tech and gaming enthusiast who is the Editor-in-Chief at Tech Legends. You would often find him hooked to his PC playing RPG games mostly. Apart from that, he likes to watch snakes in his dreams.


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