Aoao Watermark for Photo Software Review : Giveaway Valid till June 10

Last updated on August 30th, 2017

Hello readers, in this article you will find the quick review of features and usability of Aoao Watermark for photo software. Recently, we had reviewed a great product from Aoao photo, that was, Aoao Video to Picture Converter.

*Note: The Giveaway serial key is included at the last page of this article

About Aoao Watermark for Photo Software

Aoao Watermark is a simple software to protect your online pictures with watermarks. It has price tag of 29.90$, but the good news is that you will get a free copy for lifetime from us(serial key can be found at the last page). Well, the software is simple but it gives you very attractive and amazing features in it. You can just play around with your Watermarks, it’s just that good! It supports both text and image watermarks. For more information, click here.

Overview of Features : (Version 8.7)

  • Customizable visible or transparent watermarks(text, image and frame)
  • Batch watermarking – watermarking 300 photos less than 1 minute
  • Full control over placement and size of your photo watermark
  • Awesome watermark library – 150 + free watermark materials
  • Convert images to popular image formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, etc

Now let’s start reviewing it….

This software works step by step. So, that you could easily use it without getting confused. And even if you download the software right away, you can easily carry on your work without reading the review completely. But I would recommend you to read the complete review to know everything before you download.

The setup file of the software is just about 9.54 MB.

Now, when you launch the software you get the same guiding arrows. Well, that’s a signature of Aoao digital Studio creation. And, that easily helps a user to navigate where he/she wants to, being aware of the function.

Step 1:

aoao watermark

So, first you have to start adding files and have to progress to the next step, by clicking  on the “Next Step” button.

Here’s what it looks like when you add a picture file to it.

aoao watermark for photo

List of the Input Format it supports:

aoao watermark for photo supported formats
That’s a great many supported formats. You can easily protect a wide-range of photos through this software.

Step 2:

After you add the selected files, navigate to the next step. Now, you will observe the main window where you have to add the watermarks and optimize it according to your need.

Step 3:

Adding a Text Watermark

aoao watermark
Now, Adding the watermark process gets divided into 6 sub-processes. The First one is easy, you just have to enter your desired Watermark text by removing the default value. As you can see in the screenshot above, it lets you add symbols in the text like the Copyright sign  or the Trademark sign. You can even add other information as the current time and date. Just like you find on some digital camera’s, “Taken on 2x.x.2015“.

You can change the opacity levels to change the transparency of the watermark.

Here’s what you need to know:

aoao photo

This feature is helpful. It intelligently controls the size of the watermark according to your input image.

Adding an Image Watermark

You can add either a Text or Image watermark by just swiping over the first two tabs. But if you want to add both type of watermark in the picture, then you have to save the existing layer first. You just need to click on “Save & Create New Layer“. So, the layer gets saved and that becomes the existing layer for the next tab to add image watermark. With this you can add your logo, or any descriptive sign which describes that it belongs to you. 

Here’s what it looks like:

aoao watermark image

Note:  After Saving A Layer, if you want to add an image, frame or crop the picture, you have to just switch between the tabs. After you are done with everything, click on the Next button to process the image.

aoao watermark

Adding a Frame 

aoao watermark

Well, this is a good feature. It is more like an editing feature to make the picture look exclusively yours by unique frames. But with good feature comes some downsides as well. As we know that this software is made as compact as possible which is good. But the pattern frames available as samples can’t be used for big screen resolutions, there’s a quality loss in the pattern frames. So, that needs to be improved. You never know when a sample frame may even come handy.

The other texture and outer line frames(samples) are great, without any visible quality loss. And can be used in a variety of ways to edit the picture. Here’s just a random screenshot:

aoao watermark
Cropping the Picture

If you are done with adding the watermark and need to crop the image then you can easily achieve the task by dragging the box to the required area. And to crop with precision, you can use the fine tuning dimensions to shift left, right, top and bottom.

Resize & Renaming

You can choose the dimensions of the picture which should come out after process(output image). You can specify the exact dimensions, or use the percentage mode to resize quickly if you are unsure about the exact dimension you want.

After you are set with the desired output size, you can rename the output file according to the options provided in the rename tab (useful in some cases).

Now, that we have given a partial tutorial along with the review, let’s move on to the final verdict.

Final Verdict

Overall, it’s a very well developed software concentrating on easy-to-use concept. And that’s a good thing, because every application should be user oriented (as much as possible). It performed well without any issues during installing, working and processing. It’s worth downloading and trying it out.

Giveaway Time! ! !


You can download the “Free Trial Version” here. After installing it, click on the menu and Register your product with the given key below:




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