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Last updated on August 12th, 2017

In this article we will review the Video to Picture converter by AoaoPhoto.

This software can be categorized as a Video utility software. This Video to Picture converter basically converts your desired video into a series of pictures set by you. Well, if you are on Google +, you must have observed some damn cool GIF animation pictures. After downloading this software you don’t have to just stand in the line to see them, you can put your imagination into work and let the people make your GIF animation pic viral on the social media. And this is available for $20. It seems a bit high. The price could have gone down to at least 15$ for normal users. But, this software claims zero quality loss and zero loss in frame rates. So, we will get to know at the end of the review, is it worth $20 ?

Overview of features : ( Version 4.2 )

video to picture converter

– Convert a video into seriate pictures

– Convert a video to animated GIF

– Add special effects during conversion process

– Customize resolution of converted picture.

– Control the frame rate

– Supports popular video and photo formats.

Now, as you read on, we will review this product with detailed analysis.

We downloaded the software from the official site. And the setup file was just 12 MB, that’s impressive. And it occupies around 30 MB of disk space on your computer. We tested the compatibility on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 x64 bit architecture OS. It has no issues in compatibility.

Good to Go ! Test Starts…..

Testing : Convert  a Video into seriate pictures

Well, this software has the ability to convert a part of video or an entire video into series of pictures ( PNG or JPG) format. The first time we tried with a HD Mp4 video of a bollywood song, downloaded from the official YouTube channel. I failed to get the series of images, every picture which came out seemed to be black. But, then I thought is there a problem with the video ? Let’s try another one. And hopefully it worked great.

Testing  : Convert a video to animated GIF

A sample HD video Mp4 format was loaded. And after setting up the starting and ending time along with the delay settings, the GIF animation came out to be awesome. And that included Zero quality loss and Zero frame rate loss too. So, the software gave what it claims.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you can adjust the quality settings, as well as the delay you want on your animated GIF image.

Testing : Add special effects during conversion process

videotopic screenshots3

When I clicked on the effects, it seemed to be a few number. But that reminded of the software size coming up from 12 MB, that’s the number more than enough for a professional user. However, some more effects could have added a better taste to it.

But that’s a suggestion from a user’s point of view. If we look at the quality of GIF images and still shots by using the available effects, it can be described as awesome!

Testing : Customize the Resolution of the converted picture

videotopic screenshots4

It works great with zero quality loss. If you want to make a GIF animated pic or simply want a snapshot from the video and send it to a friend who has a different screen resolution to view. This software does the job. You just need to set your desired resolution to which the image needs to be optimized and converted.

Testing : Control Frame rate

videotopic screenshots5

Frame rate is generally the frequency of consecutive images generated by an imaging device. So, for example if the frame rate is too slow then it kind of looks jagged, and when its fast enough, it’s a smooth experience.

So, you can easily control the output of your GIF animated pictures, to make it look good. This factor is always important for a professional. The Aoao Video to Picture converter quickly lets a user to set it at the desired frame rate.

Final Verdict

This software is really great. You can check the ratings below and don’t forget to leave your comments on it.



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