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Last updated on August 21st, 2017

Technology has changed over years and few have brought some great revolutions in certain field , android is one such in smartphones field , at present billions of people all over the world are living 24 x 7 with this little green thing called android. its considered as one of the top most OS ,and it’s not too long that android users were busy guessing the next update name after v.4.4.4 (kitkat)..and there had been some extremely disturbing guesses when you come across few people, like LOLLYPOP, CHEESY BURGER n what not…..whereas many android users were still waiting to get kitkat update for their respective smartphone devices , when suddenly a new term pops out “ANDROID ONE” and despite of the advertisement 5 out of 10 people aren’t sure what is it….IS IT SOME NEW UPGRADE ? A NEW SOFTWARE ??? so lets take a brief introduction .



Android One is a Google programme, in which it partners with different smartphone companies to develop quality, yet low-cost Android smartphones,android one’s major focus is on device hardware , software , and connectivity .Google aims to make android smartphones affordable for everyone,so that people who still use feature phone can experience a high-quality android platform , that’s the motive of android one . So now people dont have to worry much about the performance of the phone instead just enjoy the high end smartphone experience in a budget range.



Most of the  android devices use AOSP version of android ,which means  Android Open Source project and companies take AOSP And then put their own user interface and applications ( half of the application can be rated useless ,and users have no idea why on earth are they given those apps ) , and also they work a little on the features provided , some they add ,some they remove. They go fine with high end phones but make a low budget phone sick because of their comparatively less powerfull hardware.So overall normal android is a product ,that your smartphone company offers you.
On other hand android one is designed by google and their is no third-party interference ,so here company will not decide which applications to put or which UI…google will take care for that. Also the hardware on the phones will be better as it will co-stand with the software so the users can expect these devices to perform better . In normal android phones users were given different software versions ,according to their hardware compatibility ,but in android one case google will make sure that the users will be given latest update with time to present all the devices launched have kitkat update .
Earlier this month 3 of the android one smartphones have been launched , Karbonn sparkel V, Spice dream UNO, and micromax canvas A1 and all three are from indian companies as india will be the first country to experience android one.all these three cost around 6,500 INR but next android one smartphones might fall into 10k range with some more specifications. so one can surely say ” It’s the next level for smartphones”.

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