5 Best Android Apps For Learning English

English – the West Germanic language that was originally spoken in medieval England.

Keeping aside the generic definition, English is the language that is widely accepted. Being fluent and grammatically correct is the primary requirement associated with learning English. With the increasing dependence on Android, there are numerous Android apps that teacher and students can use. With the help of these apps, one can build English skills, practice and master the language.

Here, we present the list of 5 best Android apps for learning English.

List Of Android Apps For Learning English

1. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

duolingo - best android apps for learning englishOne of the best-rated apps and an Editor’s Choice is Duolingo. It is also one of the most loved Android apps for learning English among the Android users. This app by Duolingo provides excellent resources that are needed to learn any language. Picture lessons, vocabulary lessons, reading, writing and above all, learning is equivalent to a University-level language education with this app installed on your Android device. As a bonus, students can learn any language such as French, German, Italian, Danish, etc. using Duolingo, not just English!

[appbox googleplay com.duolingo]

2. Hello English: Learn English
hello english - best android apps for learning english

This app by Culture Alley helps to learn English from your native language. Spoken English and grammar lesson are provided from languages such as Turkish, Chinese, Portuguese, Hindi, etc. With over 470 interactive lessons and games associated with reading, writing, speaking, and listening, this is a highly interactive app.

There are other facilities such as practicing new words daily along with their use and vocabulary. Also, you can have a conversation with an expert (if required). Also, a 10,000-word dictionary comes baked in to help the cause.

[appbox googleplay com.CultureAlley.japanese.english]

3. Learn to speak English

learn tp speak english - best android apps for learning englishThis app by TalkEnglish is everything that an English enthusiast needs. Having over 8000 audio files and 900 lessons, Learn to Speak English has certain remarkable features. It has hundreds of real-life scenarios and interactive conversation practice experiences.

It is one of the most efficient Android apps for learning English. One can learn idioms and phrases, practice pronunciation, type of English needed for travel, interviews, movies, etc.

[appbox googleplay talkenglish.com.standard]

4. Busuu- Easy Language Learning

bussu - best android apps for learning englishThis app by Busuu Ltd makes sure that you master English in almost every sense. There are useful lessons such as speaking, pronunciation, grammar exercises, listening exercises along with dialogue lessons and memory practices. There is a provision of submitting written exercises to improve the fluency of learners.

Also, you get to learn about 150 relevant topics, and students can set personalized goals, ensuring a better learning curve. There is an offline mode that helps a student keep up with the learning process even if there is no Internet connection. The offline mode would come handy at holidays, or when you visit a place with incredibly poor network connectivity options. Like Duolingo, Busuu also allows students to learn languages other than English.

[appbox googleplay com.busuu.android.en]

5. English Conversation Practice

english conversation - best android apps for learning englishThis particular app also by TalkEnglish, has been designed to improve conversations and provides someone to practice with! There are over 200 English lessons that include quizzes, conversation practicing, and a conversation recording tool to analyze (and improve). If you are good at English and just need to work on your communication skills, then this app should be one among the perfect solutions as per your necessity.

[appbox googleplay com.talkenglish.conversation]

Wrapping Up

So, now that you know about the best Android apps for learning English, which one should you go for?

If you only want to work on your conversation skills, “English Conversation Practice” should be an ideal pick. Looking for something highly interactive? You can have “Learn to speak English” installed on your device and give it a try! If you need to utilize a dictionary, but you are not interested in downloading one of the best dictionary apps for Android, you can try “Hello English” app. Nevertheless, if you want a complete language learning app package, you can either go for Duolingo or Busuu.

Did we miss any of your favorite Android apps for learning English? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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