An Interview with Taha Hussain: The COO of NeckBREAK

Last updated on July 9th, 2015

Entrepreneurship in India is heating up steadily. Who knows? We might have an Indian Zuckerberg soon!!! The number of young entrepreneurs in the country are rising and Mr. Taha Hussain is an atta boy, who is the Chief-Operating-Officer at NeckBREAK Inc. that is mainly popular for its eSports division. Rather than pro-gaming, the company also offers graphic designing, app and web development services in association with Antec, their official business partner. A year ago, TL got an opportunity to interview Mr. Shagun Singh, the CEO of the same company and just recently, Mr. Hussain spared some of his precious time to share a few golden words with us. Here is a part of the conversation:

What are your responsibilities in NB?

I think on new ideas, from launching a new project to give it some polish, do a lot of graphic work, some social media activities and also discuss daily reports with Mr. Singh.

You started NB as a Game Server Provider with Mr. Shagun Singh. Now you have various divisions under your company. How do you feel about it?

It certainly feels wonderful to see our company grow, apart from our eSports section we have been working alongside different IT companies. So, yeah it feels awesome… [Delighted]

Both of you started NB together. You were chosen as the COO. Was it the decision of Mr. Singh or just your opinion?

I remember back in 2011 when we owned one among the largest xfire COD4 clan of India and Shagun came up with the idea of forming this amazing clan into company of ours. I immediately chose the position of the COO, as being the CEO was more than what I required on my plate and I wasn’t getting it anyway.

NeckBreak eSports has various teams based on games like Dota 2, COD 4, CS GO, etc.
NeckBreak eSports has various teams based on games like Dota 2, COD 4, CS GO, etc.

Do you see a promising Gaming Culture in India?

[Thinks for a while]… Indian gamers have the passion but what they lack is support, if the big guns of gaming industry can be a little more supportive then yes, I patently see a promising gaming culture in India. The time we waited for, is gradually arriving in India and for that, I really appreciate other gaming organizations in the country for their hard work.

Apart from being the COO of NB, what else do you do in your life?

I spend a lot of time on Adobe Creative Suite, play some League of Legends and also love to watch Nat Geo.

The best game that you have played recently?

I don’t have a decent rig to enjoy the recent games, so I play League of Legends and Hearthstone on my laptop.

Mr. Singh is a good boss?

Obviously, his working style is quite different though. He won’t work like at all if he doesn’t want to no matter how much you try. He gets irritating at times but he made this company one of the top eSports organization and he is on the board of two more companies, can’t ask for a cooler boss, can I?

P.S. – We are friends since like 9 years so his boss thing doesn’t apply on me …[Grins]

Your favorite food item?

[Excited]… Pizza!!! That my friend is the greatest food invention of all time.

What interesting gadgets do you possess?

A simple phone and a laptop, nothing fancy …[Chuckles]

The best gaming event that you have attended so far?

BYOC Summers 2013!!! …[Exclaims happily]

BYOC 2013 (One of the biggest gaming events in India)

Where do you see NB after ten years?

I see it as a dominating international eSports organization like Fnatic and all… [Confident]

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  1. Mukul Sabhani

    NB had the Largest COD4 Clan in 2011 ?? Well that’s Breaking news….If i recall correctly…Back then EvoX had 14-15 Members just for attending Lan Events and I m not even counting our online players here, and here we are in 2015 and i m yet to see more then 5 nb COD4 players at a single Lan Event. If you want publicity at least use things which are true !!

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