Amazon has the new stratergy with the help of Android !

Last updated on August 21st, 2017

You must be downloading tons of  Android apps , which are available at the play store for free . But what about the paid apps ? What if you don’t have Google wallet or credit cards to buy them ?

If you are one of them who doesn’t have a credit card with him/her to buy paid apps ,  Amazon just made your day !

Normally , the paid apps are available in multiple websites for free , but those are not always genuine , those contains malwares , spywares , or even viruses. So Amazon is giving One app free for the the day ! You get cool paid apps which change day to day ….

Those who are hungry for paid apps grab the apps of the day daily ! The deals may get better any day so we are telling about today’s deal app :

Server Ultimate Pro
Server Ultimate Pro

SERVER’S ULTIMATE PRO – Priced at 8.99 $


The developer team responsible for this unique app is – “Ice Cold Apps” . This app has got nearly 5 stars rating .
This app allows you to run over 60 servers with 70 protocols ..isn’t it amazing ?

Normally you pay 0.99$ or 1.99$ for one server, here you get over 60 servers and network tools for 8.99$ which Amazon is giving for free .
It doesn’t just give you control over 60 servers but it’s compatibility is same as a PC access , it supports PHP server network , Whois lookup ,
MySQL monitor ,Key generator and much more !

Server Ultimate Pro
Server Ultimate Pro

Not just these feature it also gives you remote support – DNS , CVS , DHCP Proxy Server , Email Server: POP3, SMTP .

This means that you can do almost anything on the go ! You don’t need to sit infront of your computer always .
So what’s the waiting for ? Download it now !

Did you download this app just now ?? Or what do you plan about this Amazons amazing deal of the day ? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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