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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Hello, readers, we are back with another system care software, that’s Advanced System Care. Well, every user needs these software tools to make things easier to manage their PCs with utmost care. Software tools like these help a system to last longer without major errors/crashes/lags.

Advanced System Care is one of the major software tools widely used by Windows users. And, there’s a good objective in making things automated, that’s to save time!

So, why not test drive the software? We’ll take a look at the pros and cons in it. Following this review, we’ll compare this software tool to another major software tool. So, you should subscribe to our newsletters to stay updated. You can subscribe by clicking here.

Now, let’s begin…..

The UI (User Interface)

advanced system care
Modern skin enabled (Default skin screenshot can be observed at the beginning of the article)

It is the UI, that first attracts a user most importantly than the actual working. No matter how good the software tool is, it should look good. The design factor can turn the tables for the users(normal) to decide which software they would opt for. I mentioned, normal users, because the expert level users always go for the working, but not majority of the users are categorized as experts. Well, I doubt on my level too!

So, the ASC 8.3 Pro looks stunning, modern, flat and clean. The default (classic) design may be termed as a “lite” design. Wondering why I mentioned default design? Well, the great thing about this software tool, is that it supports different skins to decorate your software. It comes with 5 different skins by default. You can even add custom skins developed by other members of ASC community through their forum.


And, there’s more! You can even add a custom background picture. Here’s a screenshot with our official wallpaper set as the background picture.

advanced system care
And… there’s even more! Do you observe the emoticon right side of PC Health status? That makes up a user’s mood. Smile emoticon keeps the user happy and the sad one reminds the user. After all, a human can’t bare looking at someone who is sad enough. So, why not scan it to make it look happy! Well, that’s what makes the UI interactive.

We’ll look at the ratings at the end of the review, let’s move on to look at the features it offers.

Features Offered

Let’s review the features offered one by one.

 #Basic System Clean, Fix, and Optimization

Yes, it cleans the junk files, cleans invalid shortcuts, and optimizes the registry at each scan.

#Ultimate System Tuneup

This feature allows you to manually set the settings at the required tune up level, according to your requirements.

#Up to 300% Internet Speedup with Internet Booster

This feature optimizes the advanced network options for the best internet speed. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you would get higher Internet speed than you have normally opted for, according to your Internet plan. It’s normally not needed. And, it can only optimize Firefox browser, the Opera browser, and the default, Internet Explorer. Modern browsers don’t need any optimizations, except some manual care for add-ons, cookies and cache.

#Real-time Optimization with Active Optimize

Welcome to the world of automation. The Active Optimize technology intelligently optimizes the PC performance whenever a boost is needed or balances the performance when the system is used for office productivity.

There’s a feature “Turbo Boost”, which when enabled helps to take out the maximum performance that can be expected from your system. However, you have to manually tweak the settings in order to make it work. But, with Active Optimize enabled, you can forget that option unless you encounter lags.

#Deep Windows Registry Clean

It scans for registry errors and cleans them. Registry files are the most important data files which store the configuration settings. So, even if you are an expert computer engineer, handling registry files can be a hectic job. Let’s assign that job to ASC 8.3 Pro.

#Maximum Hard Drive Performance

The disk optimization feature helps defrag the HDD to improve performance by increasing the file access time, by organizing the data properly.

#Full Detection against Security Threats

Well, it can’t replace an Antivirus product like Bitdefender. But, it has the capability to protect you from normal/common spyware threats. And, it also has an option, “System Reinforce” to protect your system by implementing anti-hacking measures. That’s a good one for mind satisfaction and also effective at the same time.

#Surfing Protection

It makes sure that you are protected from online threats.

#Auto Clean for Privacy Security

That’s why I like automated technology! It just requires an initial setup, and you’re done. This feature sweeps surfing history, cookies, browser cache etc at bootup. Now, with this feature enabled on your system, you don’t need to worry about cleaning your history regularly.

Other quick settings include:

advanced system care


The Performance

We reviewed this software on a system equipped with an i7 core processor along with 8 GB memory. The software performed great! It took 26% of my CPU at most. I didn’t encounter any lags at all, it was smooth, responsive and light!




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