AC Unity: Ubisoft showcases Co-op Heist Gameplay Demo

-“Everything is permitted”

The above slogan is probably not new for AC fans and it’s evident that they know the exact meaning of those words. In fact, the same hypothesis can be applied to the co-op mode in AC Unity. Just recently, Ubisoft revealed a trailer featuring a gameplay demo of this mode.

The footage showcases a co-op heist taking place in The Hôtel Dieu, the oldest hospital in Paris, that serves as a smuggling base for Templars. Alex Amancio, the Creative Director of Unity, explains you everything in the footage, as he quietly takes on these Templars with his partner to retrieve a stolen artifact. You will get to see a skill called “Communal Sense”, which is one among the four abilities used in the co-op mode. By using this ability, you can analyse your surroundings properly, so that you can identify the location of your nearby units as you will be able to see them through walls. Remember, the more you get detected..the more your prize money for heist gets reduced. Or, in other words.. Detection ∝ Loss in Prize Money 😛

So, now you must be having a clear idea regarding the co-ordination that you need to execute along with your team-mates to play this challenging mode. Be it mayhem or stealth, good teamwork is the prerequisite for these kind of co-op missions. You can watch the trailer below to know more about the co-op gameplay in Unity.


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