AC Unity: 1.97 Million Copies Sold in First Week Worldwide

Though AC Unity could not match our expectations, Ubisoft just recently reported that Unity has sold around 1.97 million units worldwide in its first week. If we focus on the statistics individually on the basis of platform, then PS4 was the topmost one with a sale of 1,125,741 units. Next comes Xbox One that sold 780,175 units and finally comes the PC version with a sale of 138, 313 units. The PC version sales really seem to be very pathetic. We all know the reason behind this. Not only the required specs to run the game were very high but also Ubisoft badly optimized the game for PC version. Most of the users reported crashes, bugs and many glitches while playing Unity. In fact, Xbox One and PS4 users were also not spared. Ubi also gave them the liberty of experiencing those glitches within the game.

But what about the sales? Is that a good number? If we go back to 2012, AC III sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide within its first week, while last year AC IV: Black Flag reported a sell of 2.1 million copies. I think Unity has done somewhat good as the game has only been released for next gen platforms. Who knows what would have happened if it had been there for PS3 and Xbox 360 as well? No, please don’t think about AC: Rogue as that is a different game. Still we should know the statistics. In total the game has sold 320,000 units worldwide so far.

Some AC Unity screenshots:

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