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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

After the launch of iPhone 6 series, users have developed the craze of typing on their iPhones to enjoy the bigger screen size experience. But there were only third party apps which supported the users, who wanted a better keyboard than the stock.

The Next Keyboard team therefore developed an app for only iPhone users which will enhance their texting experience in every way.

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What This Next Keyboard Can Do ? ?

This keyboard offers variety of new features which puts more power on your fingertips. You can get every common feature present in other keyboards.
Every user wants to edit as fast as possible. So, the Next Keyboard offers quick editing mode by utilizing the space bar as a movable text cursor.

Next Keyboard
Smart emoji implementation makes it even more smarter. In other words when you type a sentence expressing some sort of feeling or emotions then the keyboard smartly predicts the emoji you should use at the last of a sentence.

Here the shift key is somewhat better than others, because here you don’t have to double tap the shift button to enable/disable uppercase letters. Just simply tap once to get started.

next keyboardIt also offers some great theme which gives the user enough flexibility to make their keyboard look best according to their personality.
next keyboard

According to the developer team, this app does not require full permissions which makes it even more secure. Well, they have not yet supplied any screenshot to that. This app will be available in the app store in the next few months.

Let us know in the comments below what you feel about this app.

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