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Its a weekend and what is more fun than spending your time on YouTube? Hence, here we are to save you from the dreading boredom that has claimed the joys of people all around the world. Here is our list of 7 YouTube gamers who will make your day. But before you go, you might wanna check out our article on YouTube gaming and know how big of a force it is in the present day entertainment ring, by clicking here!!

7. DanQ8000 (Dan Quinn)

If you are a YouTube gamer/commentator, the first and the most important thing that you need to do is establish a connection with your audience. It is quite difficult as there are a lot of different types of gamers out there. This guy, however, makes it look so simple. Dan is every bit like your next door best friend gamer; he is funny, he loves getting distracted, he screws up, he explores the game to the fullest and he enjoys the game almost as much as anyone can. And he has a great voice. And his tagline reads “HD gaming has never been more sexy.” I mean seriously, do you need any more reasons?

Dan plays a variety of games, mostly latest AAA games from story to sports games. He uploads regularly and is simply an awesome youtuber.

6. theRadBrad (Bradley Colburn)

When you become famous, it is hard to be humble. With over 3 million subscribers and 1 billion views, this youtuber still manages to be one of the most humble people out there. He always starts off his videos by thanking his viewers. He is professional, knows when to say something and when not to say something. He knows when to crack a joke and when not to. It isn’t without a reason that he was named “King of YouTube Walkthrough” by the FMV Magazine. The guy is the definition of an ideal YouTube gamer.


theRadBrad has over 3000 videos which include commented playthroughs of games like The Last of Us, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Thief, Wolfenstein The New Order, Silent Hill (P.T) etc. He is currently uploading Destiny as we speak. Make sure to check him out!!!

5. AngryJoeShow (Joe Vargas A.K.A Angry Joe)

“You done f**ked it up, EA.” We have all been there and said that. But this guy made sure that EA heard it. Angry Joe is a YouTube gamer and game reviewer. He loves playing horror games but that’s not what he is known for. Angry Joe, as the name suggests, is known for his ‘angry rants’ and ‘angry reviews.’ He is not just another guy screaming or throwing tantrums; he is a guy who knows what he is screaming about. In fact, his added emotions coupled with an amazing sense of humour make the viewers become more engaged in his videos. His reviews are always very insightful, detailed and funny as hell. And come on, is there anything better than watching a guy from Texas get all angry and scream his lungs off?

Joe doesn’t have too many YouTube playthroughs like his other counterparts. He concentrates on making reviews of games and movies which, as mentioned, are very detailed and also puts up insightful responses to the happenings of the gaming world. An example can be found below.

4. TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit (John Bain)

YouTube is flooded with people who record themselves playing a game; but few of these people know what they are doing and know what they are talking about. TotalBiscuit is one of those few gems. He is considered to be one of the best game critics on YouTube. With an amazing knowledge of the gaming industry and video games in general, the sole purpose of his videos are to make his viewers get a fair idea what kind of game they are getting into. His “WTF is….” series is YouTube’s most popular first impressions gaming series. These videos give the viewers everything they need to know about the game before buying the game. He is literally the greatest Samaritan on YouTube, saving innocent gamers from the rare horrors like “Day One: Gary’s Incident.”

The selling pitch however has to be his amazing accent and voice. I mean, man, that voice.

3. TheGirlFromAus

Now this tuber is a bit close to heart. I was personally going through a hard time when I had stumbled on to her videos. It was her montage videos and Heavy Rain playthroughs that made me subscribe to her. She is funny, she is smart, she is cute, she is most of the times unsuspecting and most of all, she is pleasant. In the present internet age, it is very, VERY hard to find someone who is decent and pleasant. Not only that but she is one of the passionate gamers I have ever seen (you should see her emotionally invested montage to know what I am talking about). She gets so into her games and cares so much about the characters and the story that it somehow makes the viewer care too. And I almost forgot to mention, her reactions are priceless. Seriously. Priceless.

Aus (as she is fondly called) plays whatever her viewer want her to play. But mostly she does horror and story driven games. Because we, as her viewers, want nothing more than to see her either cry or jump with fear.

2. Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach)

All the tubers listed until now were professional; except for the exception of Angry Joe though, he is an angry professional. Anyways, this guy, Markiplier, is anything but professional. He is funny, he makes weird noises, he is excessively evil and doubtfully insane. Oh and did I mention that he is an expert at getting scared the shit out of? In other words he is like you and me. Personally I have never liked any youtuber so quickly before. He is so natural and has a sense of humour that will keep you laughing long after you have completed watching his videos. He plays his game the way he wants to, screws around and ends up with hilarious consequences. If you are ever down this is the channel you need to go to.

Markiplier plays many horror and funny games like Slender and Rust. He also has playthroughs of story games like The Last of Us and Dishonored. He is also an amazing individual; he has conducted many successful charities for great causes. He is the kind of person that has a gift to make people around feel good; a rare gift.

1. PewDiePie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg)

Pretty much everyone saw this coming, no? PewDiePie, with 30 million subscribers and 6 billion views, is one of the most successful tubers out there. For pewdiepie net worth please visit this website: Why? Of course, because he’s funny! He could easily put Ricky Gervais to shame. His spontaneity and his pun filled sense of humour is what attracts his audience. He never behaves like a celebrity, which he clearly is, and he never lets the fact that he is famous show up. He is goofy most of the time. No wait, scratch that, he is goofy always. He never fails to give a good laugh to his audience and the best thing about this handsome guy from Sweden is that he is always himself. He is just a guy who enjoys playing his games and that’s what makes him top our list. And of course he is fabulous.

Felix usually plays a lot of horror games because he is easily scared. In fact, he had started putting up YouTube videos because he felt that ‘he would never be able to play them by himself.’ He plays a lot of funny games and has also done some AAA playthroughs like The Last of Us, Infamous Second Son and Beyond: Two Souls.

A shout out to Liam Pack who caught our eye recently. He has just started YouTube gaming, playing games like Amnesia The Four Horseman and Dead Rising 3. We wish him the very best of luck. Happy gaming, mate!!! You can check out his channel here.

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