Last updated on August 12th, 2017

Nobody today is without a Smartphone! And the best part is that in the recent times the best Smartphones in India have been made available within an affordable price range that makes it a worthy choice for people who don’t want to spend much on a phone.

The latest smartphones are equipped with the best technological features that help us streamline our entire life from setting an alarm, taking best pictures in low light conditions and edit the same like a professional and also check, reply and send our emails. However, not every Smartphone user today is a tech junkie. And their demand list from a Smartphone device will vary from the ones that are too much into technology upgradations.

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In this article, you’ll get a quick idea of what you would have to look for in a smartphone. Here are 7 of the things that a non-techy person would want in a phone:

  1. Simple features: This comprises of the basic things a modern non-techy user would look for – a clear external screen, attractive design, support for external storage and 3G/4G connectivity along with Dual-SIM support. In terms of the functionality, the device should be easy-to-use and simple with proper on-screen instructions. Nowadays, most of the non-techy people are aware of some of the things mentioned above.

  2. Easy text messaging: Today the SMS service is replaced completely with apps like WhatsApp and Viber. However, customers that are willing to invest in a basic handset would prefer basic text messaging options.

  3. A QWERTY keypad is still in demand: Strange as it might sound, but there are still mobile customers that would prefer a QWERTY keypad which allows them to key in texts like using a computer, making everyday texting simple and easy. Usually, these are customers that would want to opt in for cheap Smartphones such as the previous Nokia (Microsoft) Asha series that cater to the fundamentals.

  4. Multimedia options in the device: Smartphone users today want to interact a little bit with their phones and would prefer features like an FM Radio, MP3 players to save songs and listen at leisure and select their ringtones from the existing set of polyphonic tones.

  5. Bluetooth connection: The Internet and mobile data haven’t totally done away with the basic Bluetooth feature. Users still prefer a Bluetooth and the infrared feature that allows data to get exchanged wirelessly through PCs or PDA’s.

  6. Image quality and hands-free accessories: Taking pictures today is becoming popular with the prominence of picture sharing social forums as well as the social networking websites. This is why users today want a phone with best camera quality available in their budget range. The preferable specifications are 12/8 MP primary camera and a 5/3 MP in the front camera.

  7. Robust battery: Last but not the least, the battery life of a Smartphone is essential in selecting a phone. Usually, Smartphone battery lasts for a day and a half and we need to charge it every day. However, non-technical people would prefer a long battery life phone which won’t suddenly go off with basic calling on a daily basis or because of using a feature like the FM radio or the camera.

There could be more things that non-techy people look for in a Smartphone! Let us know about those in the comments section below.

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