7 Exciting Things about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

-“Kept you waiting huh?!”

Heya gamers! Any guesses who might have said the above statement? It’s none other than Venom Snake, who will be once again back this September with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Make sure to gear up your hardware before this game is out. Here’s a list we made that illustrates the most exciting things about the game:


MSG this time goes open world with The Phantom Pain. The map size is huge with many places to explore. You can perform a lot of side quests too. In order to explore a bigger map, you would definitely need some assistance and The Phantom Pain exactly provides you with horses as well as vehicles to cover large distances. Sounds really cool! And what’s more…you can add music playlists to your iDroid (handheld device) and listen to music while you are in vehicles or helicopters.



The stealth mechanics has been completely revamped this time. You’ve to think before approaching which means you have to rely heavily on strategies as well as tactics. There are a huge number of enemy bases throughout the map and before intruding into any base, you have to decide when to approach. Will it be broad daylight when the enemy patrol would be at max or will it be darkness when there would be a few vigilant enemies lurking in the shadows thus making you difficult to mark them? You would have a variety of resources and gadgets at your disposal but how efficiently you manage and use them is the key.


You can call for NPC reinforcements to assist you during missions like Quiet (a badass female sniper), D-Dog, D-Horse, D-Walker, etc. D-Dog can create distractions, mark and help you to eliminate enemies while D-Walker is a manned combat machine optimized to help you in both stealth as well as assault-based approaches. Several NPC’s like Quiet can trigger some side-quests if you strengthen your relationships with them.


MSGV: The Phantom Pain offers you highly enhanced visuals as compared to its predecessor. You’ll be able to witness real-time weather effects like dust-storms that can dynamically affect the gameplay as well. Actually, dust-storms can be used to your own advantage while invading any base thus making your approach more simpler as well as easier.



This is one among the coolest things about The Phantom Pain. If you would like to change the time of approaching an enemy base then you can use this cool feature. Doing so, makes Snake to smoke a cigar while the time would be progressing.



The Mother-Base is your home-sweet-home from where you get resources as well as re-reinforcements from. You can modify and upgrade your headquarters, recruit soldiers, build crew-quarters, manage resources and much more, e.g.… The Mother-Base can craft and send you equipments if you salvage and send blue-prints of sophisticated weaponry, from an enemy camp, back to the Base.

Mother Base in The Phantom Pain


This is the most coolest, strategic as well as tactical feature implemented in MSGV: The Phantom Pain, so that people can experience something more realistic to make the gameplay more engaging as well as exciting. You can zip-up and use Fulton-balloons on objects as well as knocked out enemies, to send them to your Mother-Base if they have any potential asset value. e.g. You can send enemy-soldiers to your Mother-Base, so that later they can be interrogated to gather intel or you can fulton and send useful items like sophisticated machinery to craft components for your weapons.

ThePhantomPainPreviewSpot6 (FILEminimizer)
Procure resources in MSGV: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Ground Zeroes looks very innovative with so many possibilities and variations within its 100 plus hours of gameplay. So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t pre-ordered the game then do it now! The game will be out for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 by September 1.

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